Coup Against Trump – Plan, Attack, Take Over

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The left has mounted what appears to be a coup against Trump – how far will they go? They have made any ‘meeting’ with Russia “radioactive” (as Dick Morris puts it) even if the meetings are done in the course of normal day to day activities. It has one agenda and one agenda only- sway public opinion enough to destroy Trump’s presidency, and if that doesn’t work?  Will the left tear down the entire nation to preserve Obama’s precious ‘legacy’?

Dismantling America- with the help of Valerie Jarrett

We have reported before on Obama setting up his new headquarters a mile away from the White House in an 8,200 square foot mansion (he had a wall built around the house).  Recently, his old pal Valerie Jarrett moved into the mansion.

He doesn’t make a move without Jarrett’s input and direction. She was born in Iran, her father, Dr. James Bowman, was a hardcore Communist under investigation by the FBI. She and her family have had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Frank Marshal Davis- another Chicago Communist- and others. She was fired from the Chicago Daley “machine” after a scandal erupted over misuse of public housing funds.

She has been a “trusted adviser” of Barack Obama for decades. And she’s back now, “advising.” It’s being called a headquarters for an “insurgency” against Trump.

Eric Holder even recently said that Obama was coming back. “He’s coming, he’s coming, and he’s ready to roll.”

“Millions of Americans are energized and ready to take to the streets to oppose Trump, but they need to be organized and have their anger focused and directed.” Barack Obama

The “quiet coup”

Rush Limbaugh called this situation a “quiet coup.” It’s anything but quiet. The opposition to Trump is loud, angry, and totally two-faced. And with the power of the mainstream media behind them, they are actively moving the narrative to crush Donald Trump and many of his appointees. They want their power back – and they will destroy the United States of America in the process.


The Democrats pounded on Sessions for meeting with the Russian Ambassador, demanding his resignation, even though his meetings were no more private then theirs. Photographic evidence emerged that Democrats have also met with the Russian Ambassador. Lots of them, many who have been shouting the loudest.

Trump learned – likely through access to records -that the Obama administration wiretapped his phone from Trump Tower during the election, and he immediately tweeted his displeasure.

The first “meeting” by Sessions with the “Russian Ambassador” wasn’t a meeting at all, it was actually set up (operative word) by the Obama Administration:

This angst against Trump is not innocent, America. This is a concerted effort by Obama and the Democrats to destroy the President by any means necessary. Utilizing the OFA, the media, the power base they have built over the last 8 years, they could easily start a 2nd Civil War.


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