Country Singer John Rich Defends 2A; the Democrat Push for Gun Control

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Lately two country stars Tyler Hubbard and  Dierks Bentley came out in support of gun control. Generally, country stars avoid going to that corner of the boxing ring because most of their followers are pro-gun. Never fear, country star John Rich defended the 2nd amendment and called them out for it. Keep in mind that there will be a major Democrat push for gun control legislation in the coming session of Congress.

“Only Bad Guys Break the Laws” John Rich

Rich stated, according to Breitbart,

The issue with gun control, you look at it and you go, ‘These maniacs, these vicious people are taking a weapon and shooting people with it.’ And then the flip side of that is, right now, I’m in New York City and back in Nashville is my wife and my two little kids. And if somebody breaks into my house, which rifle would you suggest I tell my wife to grab?

Which one should she grab? The one that gives her the best chance at protecting her and my kids or the one that doesn’t? Those are the types of questions I would like to ask them.

Gun control failure

One of the most useless calls from Democrats are “background checks.” Tom’s Apparel, a clothing company, launched a gun control push on December 4 that included “background checks.” Hubbard and Bentley hopped on the bandwagon immediately, in spite of the fact that background checks don’t stop killers.

WIBC reported,

Researchers found that the Golden State’s gun control laws had absolutely no impact. And, even more surprising, the study’s lead researcher found that the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is severely flawed.

America has had “background checks” since 1998, and many of the mass shooters we’ve had recently went through them. To put it bluntly, gun control itself is a total failure. Whether there are reporting issues, mental health issues, or just plain that guy shouldn’t have had a gun issues, the system failed.

That’s not counting the fact that 97% of mass shootings have occurred in gun free zones, according to the CPRC – Crime Prevention Research Center.

Let’s repeat that: 97% of mass shootings occur in gun free zones.

But after a social media backlash for Tyler Hubbard, he decided that the clothing company didn’t go far enough.

So he proposed an end to private gun sales at “gun shows and flea markets.” He didn’t mention any mass shooters that have ever used a weapon acquired at one of those venues. Dems call it a “loophole.”

But before you dismiss Hubbard’s gun control push as ‘just those Democrat talking points,’ (which they were), Democrat Rep Mike Thompson plans to introduce a bill that requires record checks for every private gun sale or transfer and criminalizes such transactions. He is reportedly working on that legislation at this time and plans to introduce it at the beginning of the year.

The legislation holds an entire host of problems for gun owners. Here are a few:


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