Indiana Councilman Sworn in – While in Jail for Murder

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Indiana Councilman Sworn in – While in Jail for Murder

We thought it was pathetic when a councilman in Texas was arrested for smuggling illegal immigrants. But this takes the cake: East Chicago, Indiana councilman Democrat Robert Battle was sworn into office while in jail for murder and drug charges.

 Indiana councilman

Robert Battle- Councilman and Inmate

 Murder and Drugs

Battle was arrested in September of 2015 for drug trafficking charges after authorities found 73.22 grams of Marijuana and over $100k in cash in his car. Then he was let out on bond so he could continue his re-election campaign.

While out on bond, in October, he was arrested for killing Reimundo Camarillo Jr, 31, in the alley behind his apartment. And then he was re-elected. Envision me shaking my head in disgust.

They don’t “pay attention to the news”

The Daily Beast reported,

Since his Oct. 14 arrest on murder charges, Battle has remained behind bars in the Porter County Jail. But confinement did little to hurt his reelection chances.

East Chicago, Indiana, is across the border from Chicago, Illinois, where much of the local television news is focused. Many East Chicago issues, including Battle’s arrest, receive limited airtime, local experts say.

“One [reason] is a lot of people just do not pay attention to the news. They don’t even know he’s in jail,” Marie Eisenstein, an associate professor of political science at Indiana University Northwest, told the Tribune.

The unopposed Battle won 308 votes, and was sworn into office from jail last week. Simultaneously behind bars and in office, Battle is in a unique position of power. He cannot fulfill his duties as an elected official, yet he cannot be prematurely removed from office until he is proven guilty or he resigns, which he doesn’t plan to do.

Corruption in America

Avalanches roar downhill. It’s a fact. When the avalanche begins at the top, it goes on until something stops it. When the roaring snow is unimpeded, it covers or smashes everything in its path.

We have allowed our government to roar unimpeded downhill. As the corruption and lawlessness grows, we can expect many more ridiculous scenarios such as the one with Robert Battle. And with a completely dumbed down electorate, this is a fearful time for America

Can we impede the avalanche? Not from the living room couch.

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