Could California Go Red? If They Don’t Lighten Up in the Pandemic, It Could Happen

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The Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti,  has publicly stated that his city may not fully open up until there’s a cure for COVID-19 (CBSLA).  Many of the blue areas of the state seem to be in perpetual lockdown with no end in sight. But are these so-called leaders missing the signs of change? Could California go red?

Just this last week, Mike Garcia (R-25) picked up a Congressional seat in a special election that has been Democrat for 22 years.  That’s TWENTY-TWO years.

“There’s an awakening here in California.” Mike Garcia

We can hope so, because there some horrifically bad things coming out of California. But the only hope for the state is to dump these Democrats out of office at the ballot box. ALL of them.

But that didn’t phase California, which seems to have doubled down on their stay-at-home orders, particularly in Los Angeles County where the LA Times reports that the orders may last “until July.” Or longer.

Peter Navarro spoke with Fox Host Sean Hannity and said this:

California is my home state. I think it’s going to become a red state with that kind of leadership. The reality is that if we don’t open this economy back up we’re not going to have an economy.

And here’s the other reality that the medical doctors haven’t been telling you. Yeah, the China virus kills directly. But if we keep our economy shut down we’re not only gonna lose trillions of dollars in wealth [and] economic activity, that China-virus shock to the economy kills as well – suicides, drug abuse, depression.

And guess what? All those people who couldn’t go to the hospital during this lockdown to get procedures for their heart, the kidneys and all of that? That kills too.” Peter Navarro, White House Trade Advisor

Hundreds of thousands of surgeries and elective procedures were put on hold because of the Chinese virus. The suicide rate climbing, drug and alcohol abuse rising, domestic violence rising…Not opening up the state guarantees even more deaths from all of these things.

Governor Newsom just laid out a $54 Billion deficit and has moved to cut salaries by 10%, and pause projects. The deficit came from decreased tax revenue because of the coronavirus pandemic. Keep the state shut down, and the California economy will continue to slide into the red.

UPI reported,

“To cover the deficit, 16 percent will come from three reserves, 15 percent from pulling back on investments, 15 percent will come from the federal government’s more than $2 trillion relief package, 19 percent from deferrals and the rest will come from increased taxes and cuts.”

It would be a great thing if California were to go red. Even Elon Musk defied the governor’s orders and reopened his Tesla plant, vowing to move it out of the state if they tried to stop him from opening. He had to file a lawsuit to make it happen, and California officials backed down. He’s wealthy, the vast majority of Californians are ordinary folks. Keeping them from working is a giant sized mistake. Remember when you cast your ballots.

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