Cop Who Shot Justine Damond Turns Himself In, Charged with Murder

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Mohamed Noor, the Minneapolis police officer who shot Justine Damond in July 2017, turned himself in Tuesday after a warrant was issued for his arrest on murder charges. He is being charged with third-degree murder “for perpetrating an eminently dangerous act while showing a depraved mind.” The second-degree manslaughter charge alleges he acted with “culpable negligence creating unreasonable risk.”

Noor, a Muslim, is from Somalia, and had been touted as a great addition to the Minneapolis police department. After the shooting, he refused to answer any questions by the police or the prosecutor. His silence from the beginning created the belief that he was guilty, since no one knew his motive for shooting her.

Neither he nor the driver in the patrol car had their body cameras turned on during the incident. The lack of body camera footage caused the forced resignation of former Police Chief Janee Harteau, who also defended the actions of Noor at the time. Her replacement, Chief Medaria Arradondo, immediately instituted a policy that requires body cameras to be turned on at all police responses to calls for service.

Justine Damond reported a sexual assault that was occurring in her neighborhood. The driver of the patrol car, Matthew Harrity, said he was startled by a loud noise, and immediately Noor shot Ms. Damond from the passenger side of the car. She was unarmed and in her pajamas. Harrity said he was shocked that Noor had fired his weapon over his partner.

Noor’s training had also come into question, as he trained in business and economics, as well as working in property management before joining the Minneapolis Police.

Noor faces a maximum sentence of 25 years for the murder charge, and 10 years for the manslaughter charge.  The judge will have sentencing leeway for either count, should the defendant be found guilty. He is being held on a $500,000 bond.


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