Cop-Killer Illegal Caught in Kern County, California

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The killer of Officer Ronil Singh has been arrested in Kern County, California, according to the Modesto Bee. The cop-killer illegal was the subject of an intense manhunt after taking the life of the 33 year old Corporal from Newman Police Department.

Though the Stanislaus County Sheriff did not release the name of the suspect because of his many aliases, preliminary identification stated one of his names was Gustavo Perez. How did authorities come to the conclusion that he was an illegal? He was first identified by the tattoo on his upper arm.

Update: full name of killer is Gustavo Perez Arriago, and is a member of a gang.

Does the number 13 ring a bell, Nancy Pelosi? You know, that whole gang with a “spark of divinity.”  A young police officer with a family is dead while Democrats in Congress weep over the “poor immigrants.” Officer Singh was an immigrant too, a legal one, and his life mattered.

A close friend of fallen officer Singh posted a photo of the arrest:

Corporal Singh came to the United States from Fiji, as we previously reported. He came because he wanted to serve our country as a police officer. It was his entire focus – to serve the United States. He is survived by his wife and 5 month old son. He was known for his sense of humor – the day he was murdered he had dressed his K-9 in a Santa suit. He endeavored to make others lighter, and passed along the joy he felt as a member of the law enforcement community.

An emotional Newman PD Police Chief gave this statement:

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  • David

    Great job apprehending this creature……
    I wonder how many police officers would be strong enough to publicly support Trump’s efforts to get a barrier wall done on the news publicly? This is the time!!!

    Gang 13 will con’tinue to prey on citizens and officers…….be ready for this onslaught and get as much security in place to avoid any more bloodshed.

  • Ck

    Hang this pos

  • loretta wilson

    Keep them out !!!!!!!

  • Cesar

    In California they will let him go so he can vote democrat again. They will make him a hero.

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