Cook County Judge Murdered Outside His Home

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West Chesterfield neighborhood: Cook County Judge Raymond Myles was murdered outside his home and a woman wounded around 4:50 a.m. Monday morning as the two were preparing to go to the gym. No arrests have been made at this time.

Judge Myles, 66, was found by police near the garage of his home after reports of gunshots in the neighborhood. A 52 year old woman who usually went with him to the gym was shot in the leg and is hospitalized. The judge was pronounced dead at 5:30 a.m..

CBS local reported that according to police, the woman appeared to have been walking to the judge’s garage when she ran into a man with a gun. The man shot her in the leg after “words were exchanged.” When the judge heard the shot, he ran outside to find out what was going on. Again, “words were exchanged” and the man shot the judge several times.

Police are unclear as to the motive, but some have advanced the idea that it was a robbery attempt. Nothing was reported missing at this time. Surveillance footage from cameras installed in the neighborhood may be able to help find a suspect.

The Chicago Tribune reported,

A neighbor said he was awakened by gunfire and screams.

“I heard maybe six shots. The shots woke me up, and the screaming of the woman woke me up.  She was screaming, ‘Don’t kill him, don’t kill him!'” said the neighbor, who asked not to be named for his safety.

The neighbor said he called 911 and was told that other people had already called.  He then looked out the window and saw the woman’s body near the garage, its door open.  When police arrived, he went outside and saw the judge lying on the porch.

Associate Judge Myles had been involved in several high profile cases during his term on the bench, but it is unknown if any of them had something to do with his death. In addition, in 2015, he was severely beaten by a man named Deandre Hudson in a road rage incident that caused Myles to undergo reconstructive surgery.

Law enforcement promised to find the killer.

“Every day, civil servants like Judge Myles, and those of us in law enforcement, work tirelessly to hold criminals accountable and make our streets safer. That’s why when incidents like this occur, it’s not only a reminder of the ever-present challenge we have with illegal guns, and the offenders willing to use them, but it’s also a direct attack on the criminal justice system that keeps our society safe.” Chicago Police First Deputy Superintendent Kevin Navarro 






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