Convicted Cop Killer Luis Bracamontes Gets Death Penalty

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Luis Bracamontes, the illegal alien cop killer who laughed in court back in January, saying he’d wished he killed more cops, was sentenced to death on Wednesday. And as usual, he created  a scene, releasing a tirade that got him ousted from the courtroom.  We previously reported that Bracamontes was supposedly a member of the Sinaloa Cartel.

The Sacramento Bee reported,

About eight family members and friends of slain Sacramento County sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer County sheriff’s Detective Michael Davis Jr. gave statements before Bracamontes was sentenced in Sacramento Superior Court. Bracamontes continued the outbursts and odd behavior he has exhibited during his trial before he was removed from the courtroom.

Sacramento Deputy Scott Brown, Oliver’s partner, said his heart was broken over the events as Bracamontes grinned broadly.

Motorist Anthony Holmes, shot by Bracamontes five times, said: “He changed my life, and I just wanna say we just need to hang him.”

Bracamontes called Holmes, who is African American, a racial epithet.

As Oliver’s mother, Joyce, spoke of seeing her dead son’s body at the coroner’s office, Bracamontes smiled, swinging back and forth in his swivel chair.

Finally, as former Placer Deputy Chuck Bardo called him a monster and a coward, Bracamontes began yelling and was removed as he shouted obscenities.

“And in the true fashion of a coward, he retreats,” Bardo said as Bracamontes continued to shout from the basement as he was led away.

The problem? California’s death penalty “plagued with delays.” So it appears California won’t be rid of this guy for some time. And since he’s an illegal, there’ll probably be a plethora of appeals.

The last person executed in California was Clarence Ray Allen in 2006. California has over 700 male inmates on death row and 22 females. The issue of capital punishment has been a continual problem in the state of California. In 2014  judge ruled that their death penalty was unconstitutional. In subsequent years, various propositions to keep it have passed by narrow margins.


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