Continuing Attacks on the 2nd Amendment

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The 2nd Amendment could go the way of the dinosaur if we don’t step up and fight back.  We’ve already told you about recent gun control legislation pending in Congress that is being pushed by Republicans as well as Democrats.  California’s Governor on Saturday signed a bill reversing the right of school administrators to have an armed staff member in schools. And a recent study done which showed that background checks in Washington, Delaware and Colorado had negligible effect is now being pushed to have “stricter enforcement.”

Reversal of previous bill

California had passed a bill that gave school administrators the option (OPTION) of choosing a legally permitted staff member to carry in the classroom. After January 1, that will no longer be the case.

California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 424, authored by Assemblyman Kevin McCarty (D- Sacramento). Assemblyman McCarty feels that having “armed civilians roaming around school campuses increases the likelihood of school shootings.”

It’s just the opposite. Only five school districts had adopted the plan statewide, which at least gave their students a fighting chance in case of a shooter.

Hate Crime = no guns in Calif

If you are convicted of a hate crime in California, you lose your gun rights for 10 years under the other law signed on Saturday – AB 785.

The LA Times reported,

Misdemeanor hate crimes that will fall under the firearm ban include using force or the threat of force to interfere with another person’s free exercise of any constitutional right because of the other person’s race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. 

Gun possession will also be banned for people who deface or damage property in order to interfere with constitutional rights. 

Background checks 

A study conducted by the Center for Gun Policy and Research and the Violence Prevention Research Program revealed that rigid laws requiring background checks had little effect, since the number of background checks remained virtually stable. Delaware was the only state that moved up from 22% to 34%.

The hypothesis of gun control advocates is that “universal background checks” will reduce gun violence by keeping weapons out of the hands of wackos. And they always cite “private gun sales at gun shows” as the big culprit. But the study showed that the amount of background checks in two of the states- Washington and Colorado, had only modest increases. Washington State passed I 594 in 2014, that required even private gun sales to have background checks.

You can read about some of the statistics of gun control here – how did the suspect get them, etc.

In an attempt to explain away the results, it was suggested that states need “stricter enforcement” due to noncompliance with the statutes, according to Fox News.

Persons with FFL licenses at gun shows are already required to conduct background checks. The background check is has been around since the Brady Bill went into effect on February 28, 1994. The so-called “gunshow loophole” is what gun control advocates use to make their case. Trying to make private sales subject to background checks is unenforceable.

As long as there are bad guys, the 2nd Amendment will be necessary for self-defense.




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