Conservative Supreme Court Justices Assigned to 4 of 6 Potential Lawsuits Over Election

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Judging from the amount of  major lawsuits that have been filed by the Trump administration over an obviously flawed election, the Supreme Court released a list of the Justices who are tasked with handling the ones that reach the highest court. As you read the Epoch Times report, (plug your ears) you may encounter echoes of the shrieking of leftists over the choices of who will oversee which lawsuits. The Conservative Supreme Court Justices are assigned to 4 out of 6 of them.

The Epoch Times reported,

“The Supreme Court on Nov. 20 released the list of circuit assignments (pdf) which shows conservative justices handling the circuits containing four of the six states where the Trump campaign has contested the election.

Conservative justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett will handle emergency appeals from the election battleground states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin respectively. Liberal Justice Elena Kagan will handle the circuit containing the other two contested states, Arizona and Nevada.

While none of the election lawsuits have yet percolated to the Supreme Court, both the Trump campaign and third parties have filed challenges in all six states.”

None of the lawsuits have yet made it to the Supreme Court. But remember, the Supreme Court decided the infamous case in 2000 between Al Gore and George Bush. It is within the realm of possibility, which is why the Justices were assigned to cases that are forwarded from those circuit courts.

The Supreme Court has already considered a pre-election case in which the Pennsylvania Supreme Court allowed ballots that came in AFTER election day. Only the legislature of a state has legal grounds to change election law, which is the crux of the issue. Many of the problems with the 2020 electon occurred because liberal governors changed the rules, and some of the courts allowed it to happen.

In Pennsylvania, the court said they could accept ballots up to 3 days after the election, as long as they were postmarked on November 3. Which is why we have witnesses who stated they were told to “backdate” ballots and accept them for counting – which is highly illegal.

Will the assignment of which Justices get which lawsuits be a game changer? All we know is that getting them to the Supreme Court is imperative.


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