Connecticut Bill Proposed to Place 50% Tax on Ammo

 In 2nd Amendment

Proponents are calling it a “health” bill – proposed bill 5700, a measure to add a 50% tax to ammunition. The Connecticut bill, proposed by freshman legislator Rep Jillian Gilchrest and counterpart Senator Will Haskell, both Democrats, supposedly has an exemption for law enforcement and military, but there is nothing about that in the draft yet.

Proposed Bill #5700 is at this link.

“We see this as a public health measure, similar to what we’ve done in the state of Connecticut with increasing the tax on cigarettes. When we increase that tax, we’ve seen a reduction in use.” Rep. Jillian Gilchrest

Cigarettes and ammunition are two different things, Ms. Gilchrest. Unless you have the opportunity to burn your home invader on the arm as he’s trying to shoot or stab you.

The largest issue here is that the purpose of the Second Amendment, which was to prevent government tyranny, is a case in point against legislation like this: they are openly attempting to stop people from purchasing ammunition for their firearms. These legislators are attempting to destroy a right enumerated in the Constitution.

The NRA immediately condemned the bill.

Gilchrest didn’t appreciate the NRA attacking her pet bill, so she responded: “Every day, hundreds of Americans are killed with guns. @NRA, I’m interested in preventing gun violence. If increasing the tax on ammunition can prevent just one death, it’s worth it.”

This bill will not “prevent gun violence.” But it will make it more difficult for law abiding Americans to exercise their Constitutional rights.

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  • Patrick

    Or why don’t we do a forehead tax to get rid of people like her

    • Gina

      I’m with you on that.

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