Congressional Dems Don’t Represent Us!

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In a Constitutional Republic, elected members are supposed to represent the people. At this particular point in history, Congressional Dems don’t represent anyone except themselves and their crazy, left-wing agendas. It’s also why Donald Trump can fill a stadium and the Democrats get tiny crowds: they’ve lost touch with the rest of us.

Today, Congressional Dems in the House are not talking about crumbling infrastructure. They’re not discussing how cities can work to better the lives of residents. They’re not talking about protecting the borders of America.

They ARE arguing over “reparations” for slaves. The bill, HR 40, introduced by Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee, sets up a commission (at taxpayer expense) to study giving reparations for slavery. The whole hearing reportedly dissolved into a drama, according to Fox. The entire Democrat party is a drama and a lousy one at that. Even Obama and Clinton didn’t want reparations, but of course now that the radicals are in charge of the party…things are different.

They ARE bickering over interviews of people dragged to committees to testify in the continual effort to impeach Trump. Today, former White House communications director Hope Hicks testified behind closed doors as Democrats questioned her on the President’s alleged “obstruction.”

“The Democrats can try to re-litigate the Mueller investigation. But they don’t have the resources and they’re simply just having dramatic readings.” Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga

Drama is the word. Endless investigations, passing radical, totally stupid bills aimed at derailing Trump’s plans, it’s out of control. It was so bad that even Mitch McConnell told Pelosi that he was indeed the “grim reaper” who would stand against the lunatic socialist bills that are steadily coming to the Senate.

Try HR 1 that supposedly is to “expand” voting rights…but requires candidates for President and Vice President to reveal tax returns for as far back as 10 years. Deliberate poke at the President.

Or HR 5, the “Equality Act” that isn’t because it literally makes women second class citizens in favor of transgenders. We already have a problem with men competing as women in sports…the bill would force that and the “men in women’s bathrooms” issue into law.

Don’t forget Congressional Dems attempts to block border security at every turn. They refuse to fix our messed up immigration laws or do anything to stop illegal immigration. So the President had to wrangle a deal with Mexico any way he could. Totally disgraceful. But they ARE complaining about ICE and some of them demand to get rid of it entirely.

The 2020 Democrats are a joke. None of the left wingers can even hold a stadium full of people for rallies. Then there’s Joe Biden, the so-called current “front runner,” who either made another of his famous gaffes or advocated revolution against Republicans.

“Let’s start a real physical revolution if you’re talking about it.” Way to go, Creepy Joe, now all the left wing crazies will have an excuse to be even more violent than they are already.

Hatred has fueled all of this garbage. As long as the Democrats allow it to continue, they will never do anything productive for the American people. Remember that come the next election.

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  • Shirley Tobias

    I have been sharing ur post’s on my F.B.PAGE 4 awhile now, only 2 my “friend’s” of the same beliefs. I have alot of other stuff that I share world wild. Lately my “FRIEND’S” have been informing me that that they can’t C my shares of UR articles! They have even sent me screen shots. I can C the post’s so I was unaware of this until yesterday. Do u know what the problem could B? Thank U. LOVE UR ARTICLES!

    • Faye Higbee

      If they don’t live in the United States, that’s the only reason they wouldn’t be able to see them. There is a setting that says only US folks can read them.

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