Confirmation of Jeff Sessions as AG- Dems Lose Again

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We never tire of writing that the Democrats have lost again. In tonight’s Senate vote on the confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) for Attorney General, the Democrats failed to stop the nominee. The final vote was 52-47.

The Democrats tried everything from reading a negative letter about him to calling him racist at every turn. When Elizabeth Warren (aka “Pocohantas” and “Lieawatha”) tried to read a letter written by Coretta Scott King, the Senate voted to shut her up. It was an extremely rare event, and the vote taken under a rule rarely used that bars other Senators from being nasty to a colleague.

Dems called Sessions a racist based on an allegation of “racially insensitive” remarks. Those remarks cost him a bid for the US District Court in the Southern District of Alabama during the Reagan years. But he was elected as Attorney General for Alabama in 1994, and thereafter was elected as Alabama Senator in 1996, and re-elected 3 more times.

The announcer at one live stream of the Senate vote affectionately called him “our boy”- the people of Alabama seem to love him. The Democrats hate him. In 2009, the NAACP gave him an award for his good work, but they worked hard against his nomination. The obstructionists in the Democratic party worked overtime to defeat his nomination.

Moments after his confirmation, he was sworn in as Attorney General of the United state by President Trump.

Social media was filled with hate from the radical left over their loss.

At any rate, Democrats need to stop the obstructionist tactics and just bag it.

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