Concealed Carrier Shoots Man Who Attacked Starbucks Barista

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On October 4, Shelby Hamilton, 24, a Starbucks barista, was attacked while she was behind the counter in Millcreek, Utah.

She was working the early morning shift at Starbucks when a “haggard looking man” came in and instead of approaching the counter to order, he walked behind it and came toward her.

Benjamin Overall, 37 came behind the counter and asked her if she knew who he was. She replied no, which caused him to fly into a rage. He began attacking her.

“It was all just kind of random. I didn’t really know him. He just came in the door and hit me in the back of the head from behind.”

No one came to her aid. Her coworkers just stood there as the man continued to hit her and kick her.

“I started to think why no one was helping me, ‘cause he was only hitting me, and I felt kind of angry for a moment.”

Blue Lives Matter reported,

She told KSL she thought she was going to die after Overall picked up a metal supply basket and smashed it into the side of her head. She collapsed to the floor, and he began kicking her in the back.

Hamilton said that was when her co-workers ran outside and started screaming for help.

Seconds later, the nightmare was over after one of her regular customers pulled out his licensed, concealed-carry weapon and shot Overall as he approached him.

And you thought Starbucks had banned guns. Actually it wasn’t a full on ban, it was a “request.” It’s one that Ms. Hamilton is grateful that the customer ignored.

She stated her “honest thought” was that she hoped her attacker was dead. The attacker stopped beating Hamilton when the 60 year old concealed carrier got his attention. As he walked toward the permit holder, he pulled out his gun and shot the attacker in the chest. He stumbled out of the store, and police still had to use a taser to subdue him.

Yes, he likely had mental issues. But he’s recovering in the hospital now from a bullet wound to the chest. And Ms. Hamilton was treated and released. She’s alive, thanks to the Concealed Carrier.

“I never would have expected that from him. He just seemed like a very meek guy. So I was surprised, but also very grateful. I was very grateful that he was there. And I was glad it was somebody we see regularly so that hopefully, in the future, I can thank him.” Shelby Hamilton



Featured photo: screenshot via Gephardt Daily

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  • Gena McBroom

    What happens if a person without a CCW Permit shoots the attacker?

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