Concealed Carrier Saves Utah Police Officer

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In the never-ending narrative of anti-gunners, concealed carriers never save lives. So heads up, fluffy liberals, here’s yet another example: a Springville, Utah police officer was being seriously beaten until concealed carrier Derek Meyer showed up.

At around 2 p.m. on Friday, a Springville officer noticed feet hanging out of a donation bin for “Tabitha’s Way,” a local charity. He pulled over and told the man, identified as Paul Douglas Anderson, to get out of the bin, which he eventually did. But he kept hands in his pockets.

The officer commanded him to remove his hands from his pockets multiple times. When he did, he used his fists to repeatedly punch the officer. The assault continued until a passer-by named Derek Meyer saw what was happening and pulled in behind the police car.

Meyer drew his weapon and commanded Anderson to stop. The suspect saw the gun and fled.

The officer was transported to the hospital with a fractured eye socket and facial lacerations. There are probably a myriad of things that went wrong in this encounter, but the fact is that a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy from assaulting an officer.

Fox13 reported,

Immediately, other officers responded to the scene and Meyer put his weapon away.

A nearby elementary school was put on lockdown for about half an hour while police searched for Anderson. They found him hiding under a flatbed trailer and arrested him. He is facing numerous charges. Apparently, he is well-known to Spanish Fork police and has been in and out of jail many times.

Corporal Cory Waters with Springville Police said Meyer’s quick, careful action made a huge difference.

“Had he not been in the right place at the right time, who knows what would have happened,” Waters said. “But he definitely stopped the attack from continuing and becoming much worse. He might have even saved either one of their lives. It could have gone really bad, even for the suspect.”

Meyer says that he trains regularly and didn’t do it to be the center of attention. He simply had the means to stop the assault and used it.

“I carry a gun to protect me and those around me, but primarily I carry a gun to protect my family first and foremost. Outside of that, if I were to use my gun to protect anyone it would be law enforcement or military personnel.” Derek Meyer

Featured photo: Left- Paul Douglas Anderson, the suspect; Right- Derek Meyer, the good guy with a gun. Screenshots via KSTU

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