Composting Humans: Washington First State to Legalize it

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Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed a law into effect Tuesday that allows composting humans. It’s supposed to be the “gentler” method of burial. You know, so that “new life” can spring up out of their deaths.

Ah, Aunt Doris and Uncle Bud in the cabbage patch for real, right?

Governor Inslee is reportedly running for President (although he’s way down in the list). Inslee also favors getting rid of the Electoral College and other radical left wing ideas. And he wants his state to be at the forefront of the “green” agenda. So this new “environmentally sound” way of burying people was an easy signature for him.

It’s not honoring. It has no integrity. You just bury the body amidst wood chips and straw and let nature take its course. (Some serial killers have tried something similar – it’s worked for them too except those pesky bones that eventually show up. Do these people have some way of getting rid of those?). Four months later you reportedly have Aunt Doris and Uncle Bud dirt. One body is supposed to equal two wheelbarrows full of dirt.

Some cities across the country compost human poop. But Washington is the first state to legalize composting human bodies.

The New York Post reported,

The practice is cited as more environmentally friendly than cremation or burials — which supporters claim pollutes the ground with chemicals and creates cumbersome coffins that take up space underground.

“That’s a serious weight on the earth and the environment as your final farewell,” said Sen. Jamie Pedersen, the Seattle Democrat who sponsored the measure.

One of Pedersen’s constituents, Katrina Spade, is founder and CEO of Recompose. Spade came up with the idea while she was a graduate student in architecture at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She modeled it on a practice farmers have used for decades to dispose of livestock.

Spade even executed a pilot program last year at Washington State University that reduced six human bodies — all donors — into soil.
“Our service — recomposition — gently converts human remains into soil, so that we can nourish new life after we die,” reads the Recompose website.

They claim the process is very respectful, and they are not throwing people out in the backyard and covering them with food scraps. Composting humans is simple and is done in a special facility. Or so they tell us.

Some people have reportedly been angry at the whole thought, though. I’ve heard some say that it’s totally disrespectful and lacking in honor. Unless your final wishes include wanting to be plant food…

Featured photo screenshot via WNDU

  • John

    Has human life really been demeaned this far? Killing babies isn’t far enough, now we’re using people as fertilizer? W T F are people thinking????

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