From Communist Prison to Navy SEAL

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From Communist Prison to Navy SEAL

A story from Col. Allen West yesterday reminds us that the backgrounds of many of our elite military are varied and amazing. Thomas ‘Drag’ Drago Dzieran is a retired Navy SEAL. But he didn’t start out that way.  As a young man, he spent 2 years in a Communist Prison (gulag) in his native Poland because of his activism against the Communist regime.

Coming to America

It was the early 80’s, and prior to the tearing down of the Berlin Wall – we called it the ‘Cold War.’

At the age of 24 he came to the United States as a political refugee, unable to speak English and carrying “only a sack of clothes,” according to WCNC.

He became a citizen, and then enlisted in the Navy to serve the nation that had accepted him. His thankfulness at being part of America is refreshing compared to so many whiny liberal foreigners we have now.

“I knew what I was doing. I knew what I wanted to do. I didn’t go there to ‘try’ to become a Navy SEAL, I went to BECOME a Navy SEAL…

During my Navy career, I was a member of SEAL Team 2, SEAL Team 4, and a SEAL instructor at Naval Special Warfare Center, Coronado, CA. My expertise was Naval Special Warfare Lead Breacher, and while deployed to Iraq, I performed over 100 combat direct action missions.”

I have been fighting for and defending freedom my entire life. I owe all that I have to America, the greatest country in the world.” Drag Dzieran

navy seal

Thomas Drago (Drag) Dzieran as a Navy SEAL

Twenty Years  as a SEAL

Dzieran spent 20 years as a SEAL, which meant that he was able to retire from the service with benefits. Most men do not spend that long in any branch of the service, sometimes due to injuries. There are no retirement benefits for those who do not spend the full 20 years in service.

Drag actively promotes the Navy Seals Fund, a charity that attempts to fill the gaps for  injured SEALs  and their families.

A true American

Dzieran may be from Poland, but he is a true American. Coming from a country that was heavily under the influence of the USSR, he fell in love with America. And he is truly grateful for what he has been given.

“Everything I have, everything I own.. I owe to America…Now I have a wonderful family, and everything I need to live, and most important — I am free man. I live in the country of free and brave and I’m proud to be part of it…I’m just American. Proud.” Drag Dzieran

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