Communist Indoctrination – Exchanging a Piece of Candy For Truth

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A lot of you want to know what’s the deal with Rick Ferran (Tank) and his passion against the communist indoctrination of our youth. There is a reason, and we’ve written about it many times here at Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children (see the end of article). Experts say that a child’s belief and values structure will be set by the age of ten, and by 21 they are locked. After that it becomes exceedingly difficult to change the set-in thought pattern.

When teachers dismiss parental guidance and beliefs, children can easily betray their parents for rewards. The brainwashing that occurs in the practice of indoctrination is insidious, dangerous, and happening across the nation today. Here is the perfect example from Rick Ferran:

Communist Indoctrination: Exchanging a Piece of Candy for Truth by Rick Ferran

You’ve asked me why it’s so important for me to share my message. One story will help me begin: my introduction to communism. It was the first day of school in Cuba. I remember clearly the name of the teacher: Gladys Garcia. I remember everything about the room- the windows, the posters on the walls of Che Guevara, Jose Marti, Camilo Cienfuegos and Fidel Castro. We had just finished singing the national anthem outside, and had walked into the classroom to sit down.

The teacher asked the class who believed in God. I am a Catholic Christian, so I raised my hand. Most of my other classmates did as well. She sort of had this smirk on her face when she asked everyone to pray to God for anything they wanted – so of course you could hear all of the children, including myself, praying. We prayed for mostly bikes, toys and other innocent things a five year old would pray for.

After we were done with our prayers, the teacher asked us all to open our eyes and see if all the things we prayed for God to give us were there. Of course there was nothing there, just us. So the teacher asked us to close our eyes again and pray to Fidel Castro for a piece of chocolate candy. We all closed our eyes and asked for the candy.

At that moment I could see from the corner of my eyes as my head was down, the teacher had a bag with her, and was dropping a piece of what looked like candy on each of our tables. When she was finished she asked us all to open our eyes and see if Fidel Castro was generous to give us the candy we had prayed for.  Most of the students cheered in laughter and glee at how great Fidel Castro was.

That was my first indoctrination in Communism. This practice still is done every day in Cuba. So when you ask me how I feel about Democrats using our educational institution to brain wash our youth, there is the sinking feeling that we have passed the line of no return. We aren’t fighting communism, communism is already here. We must stop this cancer from continuing to destroy our republic or we will not have a republic to fight for.   Rick Ferran

Our children are being given that small “piece of candy” in exchange for the American way of life – hard work, faith, family, truth…and the courage to face the unknown. Will we stop it?

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  • Mike Gautier

    I lived in Germany during the mid 60’s. My teacher had the opportunity to observe teaching techniques in the USSR ( at the time 100% communist). She described the same thing happening in those classrooms as well.

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