Commissioner should be removed before final debate

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Karma’s a bitch, and her name is Paula Jones. And Juanita Broaddrick. And Kathleen Wiley. And Kathy Shelton.

Debate Commissioner roadblock

The four women, three of whom have accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual abuse, were seated together at the second presidential debate at the behest of the Trump campaign, which generously offered VIP seating to the women in the hopes that a confrontation would occur.

But the Debate commissioner vetoed that idea and seated them in the regular ticketed section, saying that they would have them forcibly removed from Trump’s family seating if they tried it.

According to an Oct. 10 Washington Post article, “The four women — three of whom have alleged that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted or harassed them years ago — were to walk in the debate hall at the same time as the 42nd president and confront him in front of a national television audience.”

Is Bill “Bubba” sick too?

If you’ve seen the memes online, you’re aware of the women’s cold stares at the man who has the potential to return to the White House in November.  Clinton’s own panicked stare back at them is delicious to behold, indeed. Perhaps even more notable is how strangely aware he appears.

Throughout the duration of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, husband Bill has been noticeably absent as of late, only fueling rumors of the former president’s ill health. When we have seen him, Bill Clinton has seemed listless, unaware of his surroundings – a zombie-like, skeletal version of a supposedly widely popular player on the political stage.

Bubba’s wide-eyed glare at the women who appear literally in Donald Trump’s corner signals an acute panic and lucidity we haven’t seen from him in a long time.

Debate commission cowardice

The hasty actions of debate commission co-chairman Frank Fahrenkopf reveal nothing short of cowardice. With a scant three weeks until the nation goes to the polls to elect the next leader of the free world, the third and final debate, which takes place Wednesday, Oct. 19 in Las Vegas, will be the candidates’ final chance to appeal to the stunningly high number of still-undecided voters.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has taken the lead on responding to Fahrenkopf’s ill-advised roadblock, chiming in with a direct request for Fahrenkopf’s removal as co-chair. According to the same WaPo article, “Giuliani was highly critical of Fahrenkopf in an interview after the debate Sunday and said the Trump campaign is considering asking for him to step aside before the third and final debate, scheduled for Oct. 19 in Las Vegas.”

I agree here that the only fair course of action moving into the critical final debate is for Fahrenkopf’s resignation.

Haranguing Trump, ignoring the Clinton’s sordid past

For the past several days, while media scrutiny swirls around Trump’s own alleged misfires, the media has remained hauntingly silent about Bill Clinton’s own sordid past.

The left’s insistence that, “Hillary is the one running for president, not her husband” is a weak argument. In a campaign cycle, those running for public office must be prepared to defend or at least speak about not only herself, but those around her.

Inseparable evil

The Clintons carry with them a scandal-ravaged past, and in the minds of voters, Bill and Hillary are one and the same. Asking us to separate them at this stage in their political history is next to impossible. They are as inseparable as peanut butter and jelly – or 1995 Bill Clinton and a Big Mac, for that matter.

The only equitable move here is to find a new chair for the final debate, allow a platform for those women who accuse Clinton of assault, and to not kid ourselves into thinking that a Hillary presidency won’t have Bill himself serve in a key advisory role as “first gentleman.”

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