Commanders – Are Good Ones Hard To Find?

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Commanders – Are Good Ones Hard To Find?

study recently released reported that senior officers in the Marine Corps and Army were held together by a ‘higher standard of professionalism’ than the Air Force and Navy. But in reality, the government’s definition of professional conduct may not be the best measuring stick for a Military Commander.  There are commanders in all services that epitomize excellence.

The Battle for “Ethics,” Political Removal

The Military Times wrote:

“…the Army and Marine Corps created “centers of excellence” for commanders’ professional development, but the Navy and Air Force had not. These organizations develop training programs for current and future leaders that focus on the intangible virtues of leadership as well as more mundane matters like travel regulations, restrictions on accepting gifts and using official vehicles — issues that can cause headaches for some leaders and their staffs.”

Since  Obama took office, hundreds of senior officers have been removed based on their behavior, or at least that’s the excuse. We are aware that many seemed to be removed purely for political reasons rather than real ones. The constant scrutiny of each service can create a softening of the very qualities that make a great leader.

Rear Admiral Margaret Klein, along with a 7 member staff, have established the same types of centers for the USAF and Navy in an effort to have officers come up to the standards of the other two services. In the case of one Naval officer,  leadership brought out the best of his command on the day he ended his deployment.


Command Master Chief Timmons is greeted by the men and women of his command on his last day with them. Photo via NSA Bahrain

CMC Timmons

Recently, Command Master Chief Timmons was transferred from his NSA Bahrain posting.  If you watch this video you’ll see the love and respect of his “family” – the men and women of Naval Support Authority Bahrain. According to the NSA Bahrain, this commander was deeply loved and respected.  It is obvious that CMC Timmons was a leader of high caliber.

Thank you Bahrain

Posted by NSA Bahrain on Thursday, February 4, 2016

Strength, courage, loyalty, honor, respect are essential for  “great leaders.”   In battle, leadership that preserves the lives of their command in in the midst of forging ahead toward victory creates an atmosphere of trust.  In the midst of politics, the ability to stand alone for what is right makes a difference.

In essence, even in peacetime, they leave their commands better than they were before. When the men and women of those commands reflect those qualities, excellence is portrayed.   The government’s definition of leadership may not be the same as reality.


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