Comey’s Testimony – Facts and Mud

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The left isn’t ready to give up their hunt for Russians behind every bush, and are h*** bent to make Trump into the devil himself. Comey didn’t help that, in fact, he may have made it worse. The only thing clear about Comey’s testimony was that Senator McCain was confusing.



Comedy response:

McCain is not on the Senate Intelligence Committee, by the way, but was asked to attend because he’s on the Armed Services Committee. He said he’d write down his questions…because he noticed everyone was staring at him, presumably.

That said, the rest of the Senators harped on questions that had already been asked several times, but could at least be followed.

Liberal media

All of the liberal publications, from the Washington Post to MSN and all the rest said the same thing: Comey “blew apart GOP talking points about Trump and Russia.” They felt Comey helped their side, and he did in many ways.

Conservative media

Now from the Conservative view, the angle was decidedly different: “Comey exonerates Trump of obstruction of justice.” They felt Comey’s testimony helped their side. Just because he was clear about some things, doesn’t mean liberals will stop.

Distrust evident

What all that confusion means is that we’re no closer to a resolution of all this jumbled mess than we were before his testimony. Comey was distrustful of  Trump and assumed he would “lie,” so he made notes during his interactions with the President. He actually accused the President of lying. That simply feeds the liberal narrative about Donald Trump.

Comey the leaker

Comey gave his memos to a friend to “leak” to the press.  Senator Lankford asked for those original notes, and Comey squirmed. He said 1)he’d already turned them over to the Special Prosecutor and 2)he didn’t know whether or not his friend from Columbia University had them.  Senator Lankford pressed him, so we’ll see. Comey could be prosecuted for leaking the memos, but during the questioning he stated they were “personal notes” so it is unlikely to be pursued.

Trump not under investigation

When Senator Risch (R-ID) asked point blank if he was willing to say that the President of the United States was NOT under investigation, Comey responded with “That’s correct.” In other words, the President himself has not been the subject of an investigation into Russian collusion…period.


When he was asked several times if any member of the White House or the administration or the Department of Justice asked him to drop the Flynn investigation or the Russian investigation in any way, Comey’s response was “No.” He answered that with no several times, but it didn’t stop them from continuing to ask…then…

Comey said that he was very concerned about the President “hoping” he’d “remove the cloud” and says that the Special Counsel will be able to figure out what Trump meant by that or whether it was actually “obstruction of justice.” So…now Robert Mueller is supposed to look into his crystal ball and figure out what the President was thinking? We just moved from fact to a muddy gray area.

No Russian alteration of votes

When he was asked if he was confident that no votes cast in the election were altered in any way, he stated: “I’m confident. When I left as Director, I had seen no indication of that whatever.” That was clear enough, but it’s not likely to serve any purpose except to have liberals ignore it.

He fully believes he was fired because of the Russia investigation. How about being a close Clinton supporter and Trump hater from the get-go as evidenced by the note taking?

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) gets the prize, however for asking the obvious question: everything else about the President was leaked EXCEPT the fact that he was NOT under investigation. 

Rubio also asked Comey why he didn’t speak up to the President and tell him that his request was inappropriate. The response? “I don’t know. I think the circumstances were such that I was a bit stunned and didn’t have the presence of mind.”

He also seemed to forget about a March 2 memo sent to him regarding the recusing of AG Sessions from the Russian investigation…a memo that he claims to know nothing about. Draining the swamp is leaving miles of mud.

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