Colorado Teen Banned from School for Target Shooting with His Mom

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Loveland, Colorado: Red Flag Laws are a bad idea, and this is part of the reason why. A Colorado teen banned from his school because he want target shooting with his Mom is just one case in point.

UPDATE: After the threat assessment hearing, Nate was cleared to return to class. He was also admonished not to post things on social media …like shooting, for example. His mother reminded them about the 1st amendment, but they still appear to not like those types of videos.


Colorado has a “Safe2Tell” Program designed to let authorities know when someone is a threat. Nate Evans went target shooting with his Mom and posted a video of it on his social media account. Someone saw that video and reported him through the Safe2Tell program as a threat.

Police arrived at his doorstep. After explaining the situation to the police, they said the family were well within their rights and noted that Nate was not a threat to anyone. That was NOT the end of it.

August 28: “This morning Justine woke up to a voicemail from Thompson Valley School District where Nate is a junior at Loveland High School in Loveland, CO.  The voicemail informed Justine that a report had come in claiming Nate was a threat to the school and he was not allowed to return until further notice. The report presumably came through Safe 2 Tell.  There are reports that a school wide email was also sent to parents about the “threat”.

Justine immediately contacted the school assuming she could easily clear things up, especially since the police had already assessed the situation and realized no one had done anything wrong or made any threats.  She was wrong.  The school not only refused to provide her with more information about the “threat”, but they refused to provide Nate with schoolwork so he doesn’t get behind.  A “threat assessment hearing” has been scheduled for Thursday morning at 10am at the school admin building where Justine will be allowed to defend her son against SEVEN school officials who will be in attendance to, as she was told, “make their case”. 

Colorado Rally for Our Rights

So we have one woman and her son against seven school officials, most of whom are likely liberals who are terrified of guns. The problem is that threats reported through the Safe2Tell program doesn’t give a legal remedy to remove the threat. The program is what others are calling “Safe2Swat.” Anyone can report someone else as a threat and get them banned from school, even if (as in this case), the report is entirely false.

Nate reportedly wants to enter the military after school, and is concerned this will count against him.

The same problem applies to red flag laws, and Colorado has a whopper, as we have reported previously. You must prove yourself innocent in the face of threat accusations, all of which already resulted in the confiscation of your firearms at the very first accusation.

Here is one of the videos that Nate posted:

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  • ktuncia

    It is time to find a 2nd Amendment supporting lawyer willing to take the case for free and sue these idiots back to the dark ages from which they came. The suit should include the fact that if any personal information was spread about him it amounts to slander. These idiots will not stop until we make it painful for them not to.

    • Charles

      Doxxing is legal. Questionable yes. Now if they releases info like med records or something like that then it is not

  • ADréanen Antoun

    For the first 12 years of my life, I lived happily and safely with my father’s LOADED service revolver on his nightstand. I learned about guns early on & loved learning to target shoot. I’ve looked down the barrel of a loaded gun from BOTH ends over the course of my 52 years and I’ve STILL never hurt/killed anyone and I STILL enjoy target shooting. I respect hunters, LEOs, and military. Fact is: taking guns from law abiding citizens isn’t going to save anyone.

  • Matt H.

    Is there possibly another way for him to finish his education? I wouldnt even want my kid around those pricks in the public school system after this. Sue the shit out of those pricks while hes cruisin along in a home school program maybe.

    • Elizabeth

      My granddaughter homeschools through a charter academy online (Connections Academy), which keeps her out of the stupidity that is the bricks and mortar educational system. There is homeschooling online K-12 and Nate should be able to be old and self-motivated enough, especially if he wants to enter the military, to get himself through his classwork. I am not advertising the online academy my granddaughter “attends”, just sharing and we do live in Colorado so I know it works here.

  • USJoeFreedom

    These communist hate the Constitution and our rights.

  • gambeir

    As far as I know it’s also illegal to provide the police with false information. This clearly violates Nate’s civil rights and was obviously done with intent to cause harm. Where are the Police in investigating what otherwise appears to be criminal action with intent to harm made by this “so called informant?” This is some real bullshit ya know that, communist freaking bullshit is what it is, so where are the cops in finding the person who levied this complaint so that Nate and his attorneys can have their day in court with that asshole? That is what I’d like to know?

    “Someone saw that video and reported him through the Safe2Tell program as a threat”

  • Peter

    File a lawsuit against the school district and all of the school board members personally the one thing They hate more than guns is having to follow the laws themselves

  • John

    I have a feeling that school is going to carry your name on the front of it in a short time this is bullshit

  • H D Eason

    Put your son in private school!
    The Government has been failing to school our children properly enyway.
    You just quit playing there game case closed.

  • Suzanne

    This should be a lawsuit that goes all the way to the Supreme Court so such nonsense is banned once and for all.
    The Constitution guarantees one the right to confront his accusers as well as the right to bear arms. Let those who swore to uphold the Constitution adjudicate this!

  • Henry Jeleniewicz

    I would advise Justine to show up at her school hearing with a lawyer.

  • Rick herrera

    Hey…higbee, I am a ‘democrat’ but most ignorant people call me a liberal! I believe in the 2nd amendment and am a member of the NRA! I’m a veteran and a Christian. So if others are there in the meeting against the family it doesn’t mean they’re liberals. Remember most of the stupid asinine policies Americans are having to follow are because of the ignorant person running this country. We have made great strides over the last administration and he’s changing all of those policies and imprisoning children because he found out during his election that he has small hands. So now he’s lashing out at ‘brown people’ of which I’m one (Mexican). He’s destroying the US reputation overseas. He’s wrecking the trade policies that have made ya strong in the world. He’s like a kid who took his ball home to end a neighborhood game because he couldn’t play in a position he wants to play.

    • Wayne Tachell

      Hey, Rick Herrera, if that’s yer real name. You are so far off base, you must think your playing with a bunch of kids. It’s obvious to me that, you are so far in the mind set of Stupid, it just sickens me to think your an American. Can you just imagine what this country would look like if YOU LIBERALS were running things? We would most likely rename one of the Sanctuary City’s, TROLL CITY. Unlike your kind, I am not Blind nor Deaf. I can hear all the Fake Crap you Anti-Americans put out and I can see from your post, your Blind to the fact that we have one hell of a fine man in the seat of this Nation. Red Flag Laws are an attack on our Constitution and bill of rights. Any law that go’s against the Constitution, are not enforceable. Now that’s something you dumb ass Anti-Americans just don’t get. You served in the Military? Right. Member of the NRA? Right. Seems you must of forgotten who put those kids in those cage’s. OBAMA did. Not Pres. Trump. Stupid people say the silliest things. N.VET. USN/DAV/Ret. Corrections Officer. Put that in your glass pipe and take a hit.

  • Vince


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