Colorado Enraged Leftist Borrows Billboard Image from Mad Dog Pac

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A Colorado enraged leftist received permission from Mad Dog Pac to use their image of the GOP with a Communist Hammer and Sicle in place of the O.  The billboard is one of several that Anne Landman has placed around Mesa County, which went 64% for Trump in 2016. She is backwards- the Communists are the Democrats.

Landman says that people are changing their minds, and the political climate in Colorado is switching. She hopes to leave the billboards up until the midterm elections in November.

“Several people have walked cash right up to my front door — one guy dropping off enough in cash to buy a whole week of the board…It seems like the billboard really hit a nerve with people. Even Republicans have emailed me to say they are outraged at this administration and don’t want to belong to this party anymore.” Anne Landman

The articles in USA Today and KJZZ said that the billboard company got “blowback” but did not specify what kind of “blowback” they received.

There is a lot of extreme stupidity out there, folks. People who see and hear what they want rather than the reality of  President Trump’s actions. I’ve even heard Republicans who say they are starting to hate him because of perceptions not grounded in fact. The electorate is fickle, and too many people listen to CNN and others like them.

It simply means that it’s IMPERATIVE we vote in the midterm elections. If you stay home and do nothing, it will be your fault if we lose the majority. And if we lose it, they will impeach Trump, and you can kiss all of the progress on the economy goodbye.

VOTE! Keep the deceived leftists and socialists OUT of Congress!


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  • Greg Dudley

    Another liberal douche bag with her head in her ass.

  • Mike

    Progressives have it backwards, it’s socialism that leads to communism.

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