Colin Kaepernick and Liberal Media’s Endorsement of Communism

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Please explain to me how someone who has never lived in Communism endorses it by wearing a t shirt with the face of one of the worst oppressors in human history. Freedom of speech on drugs? Why is the media biased on this? Is it ok for a known celebrity to wear a t-shirt that endorses Hitler? How about Mao Tse Tung? How about a picture of Osama Bin Laden?

It infuriates me in a way you cannot even imagine. Many Cubans died swimming that 90 miles. Some made small rafts that landed on our shores by the hundreds… sometimes those vessels were empty, or the people inside of them dead.



Have anyone of these Communist supporters like Colin Kaepernick ever met a Communist survivor? Are they willing to hear the stories of life and death, prison, incarceration, hunger, real oppression and tyranny?

It’s by far a better idea than listening to your Liberal professor sell you the pitch “it has never been tried before.” Oh it has been tried, and is still being tried today. It has been a dismal failure wherever it exists.

Athletes try to leave

Why is it that some of the best athletes from Cuba,  from baseball, to boxing, even weight lifting and ballet, have come to America to compete and ask for asylum?

Did you know that Cuba does not let any sports player come to the US unless they have an immediate family in Cuba who will pay with their lives if they do not return?

Education in Cuba is worthless

Cuba might claim that everyone is educated but what is an education when an PhD engineer is a Taxi Driver. Or a Doctor is selling sandwiches on the streets because he makes more money than he could practicing medicine.

Medical Care in Cuba is poor

The medical care in Cuba is nothing to be admired: the hospitals smell like death, there’s no air conditioning, no anesthetics, no pain medicines or medicine in general. Cubans in America must travel to Cuba every year to take to their families normal over-the-counter drugs and vitamins.

The children are malnourished because they don’t have normal items like milk and protein for growth.

But why should I turn blue in discussions and be ashamed at the liberal media and gullible Americans who call Colin Kaepernick’s ignorance “freedom of speech.”

It is NOT freedom of speech when you are supporting an ideology that calls for the very death of our freedoms … There is nothing about freedom of speech in supporting a blood thirsty murderer like Castro and Cuban Communist tyranny.

Freedom of speech does not exist in Cuba

Cuba makes billions of dollars a year from tourism and exports, yet the people in Cuba are left to fend for themselves. Travel outside the country is prohibited, internet access is prohibited. Speaking on the radio against the Cuban dictatorship like “Radio Jose Marti ” is prohibited by incarceration or death.

There is no “Freedom of Speech” in Communism.

There are no Colin Kaepernicks making $114 Million dollars – as a matter of fact there are no millionaires, no rich people except the Castro Mafia Family.

Move to Cuba

So Mr. Colin Kaepernick, if you think Castro is such a great man, if support his Communist ideals that go against  the very fabric of the greatest nation on God’s green earth,  then please don’t be a hypocrite.

Be the leader you always wanted to be: give all your property to Castro’s Regime and move to Cuba. You can make history and be the first player to escape capitalism and America’s freedom to live under the oppression of Communism.

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