#ColesChallenge – A Kitchen for Veterans in Spite of Liberal Attacks

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Cole McCafferty, 13, lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has a goal: to help a local veteran’s center put in a kitchen. In his last campaign, he raised $16,000 for homeless veterans. But because Cole is a Trump supporter, he has been attacked by liberal news media, Newsweek in particular, and has been equated with racists, and sexual abusers. We found the article online on March 6 after seeing his fund raising campaign. He’s calling his fundraiser #ColesChallenge.

Liberal attacks on children

Newsweek wrote, [The original article was published on January 5, 2017. It was updated and the title changed]

“These kids are being weaponized,” says Todd Gitlin, a professor of journalism and sociology and chair of the Ph.D. program in communications at Columbia University. Gitlin says the interviews with Millie and Cole “camouflage” the political positions of the hard right “as feel-good sweetness and light, when, in fact, they are defending raw racism and sexual abuse.”

Weaponized? The article refers to Trump supporting children as “talking like Trump” and having the same “cadence in their speech” — because they seem to think that the kids can’t think for themselves (maybe liberal kids at that age can’t?).  These kids in particular are accused  of having “hard-right” or “alt-right” views. Wikipedia and the SPLC lists “alt-right” as white supremacists. Both Cole and a girl named Millie are being equated with racists and sexual abuse. That is egregious.

If Newsweek’s line of thought were true, then why should anyone bother to listen to any students – in particular the ones that “protest” for gun control after the Florida school shooting? There were also students who did not agree with the liberal ones. We are supposed to listen to liberal kids, but not Conservative ones? Liberals have been quite successful at changing the traditional beliefs of Americans into something “sinister.” In fact, the Newsweek article uses that very word.

Thinking for himself

Cole advised Philly.com that he came to his own conclusions about Donald Trump from reading two of his books. Many of his relatives are Democrats. Many of his classmates don’t like Trump, according to the article.  The Philly article had a sarcastic edge to it, but at least they didn’t openly equate his thoughts with racists and “raw” sexual abuse.

A goal to help Veterans

Cole’s social media accounts have been shut down due to the attacks he received. But Cole is a trooper and refuses to give up…because he wants to raise the money for that kitchen at the Veterans’ Multi-Use Center. He values US veterans and wants to help them.

The following is from the #ColesChallenge GoFundMe

Did you know that over 20 Veterans commit suicide a day?  39,000 Veterans are homeless on any given night?

Edison High School, located in Philadelphia, now sits vacant.  However, these crumbling hallways are a war-era landmark, as they were once walked by 64 young men who gave their lives in Vietnam.  It was the largest loss of students from any single high school in the nation.

I’m proud to announce that this building is currently under construction and is the future site of Edison 64.  This project pays tribute to those 64 young men that lost their lives serving our country.  

This building will have 66 apartments designated for homeless vets, including services on the first floor provided by the Veterans’ Multi-Service Center.  There will be a kitchen located on the first floor that will be used to provide our vets meals.  This is where I need your help.

The estimated cost of a new kitchen is $50,000.  I am asking every American to please donate whatever you can.  Every little bit helps.  I’m calling this #ColesChallenge.  If you accept #ColesChallenge please donate, share this video and nominate someone.  With pride in our hearts, it’s time we stand up to say thank you to our veterans.   I nominate Singer Brett Michaels and World Champion Trainer Danny Davis.  Do you accept #ColesChallenge?

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