Cold War with Russia Heats Up- Sixty Diplomats Expelled, Seattle Consulate Shuttered

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The US stood with Britain over the Russian spy poisoning so there had to be some sort of action. That action came on Sunday – 60 Russian Diplomats expelled, and Trump ordered the Seattle Consulate closed. They have one week to depart the United States.  And the US was not alone in its punishment of the Russian government.


Forty-eight of the ousted diplomats were embassy officers in Seattle, 12 were at the UN, total of 60. There was no actual proof that Putin ordered the attempted assassination of Sergei Skripal and his daughter, but this is politics.

According to the New York Daily News,

The American penalties were echoed by announcements in European capitals across the continent, including those in Russia’s backyard. All told, 18 countries were ousting more than 100 Russian spies, British Prime Minister Theresa May said, in addition to 23 already kicked out by the U.K.

The list included at least 16 European Union nations, with more likely to follow. Germany, Poland and France each planned to boot four, the Czech Republic three and Italy two. Ukraine, a non-EU country with its own conflicts with Moscow, was expelling 13 Russians, President Petro Poroshenko said. All three Baltic states said they would kick diplomats out. Canada, too, said it was taking action, kicking out four and denying three who have applied to enter the country.

Almost all of the countries said publicly that the Russian diplomats they were expelling were actually spies.

On the Russian side, a Russian embassy official on Twitter put out a poll to pick one American consulate that should be closed. Results aren’t in yet.

This has been our question in the past when diplomats were ousted as being “spies” (a term which is often used by Russia describing our diplomats): if all these people are actually “spies” why were they still in these countries? Just asking.

In 2016, when Obama ousted Russian diplomats, Putin held off his retaliation because Trump had won the election and he wanted to see how that would go. Guess we know now, although people will still complain that somehow or another this is more “collusion.” Some welcomed his harsher stance, others were appalled. He just can’t seem to please anyone these days.

There is no doubt that Putin will retaliate against all of the nations – Czech Republic, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Germany, and France – that have also ousted Russian diplomats. Normally, it’s just ousting diplomats from the other side…but that doesn’t HAVE to be his response.  It will depend on how he views this political chess game whether his next move will be a response in kind or… checkmate.


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