Cohasset, Massachusetts – Guns, Military Shells Confiscated from 65 Yr Old

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Around 100 guns and 5 military grade shells were confiscated from the home of a 65 year old man in Cohasset, Massachusetts. He had a permit to own them, but police revoked his permit after serving the search warrant.

Police received a report from an unnamed person that stated there were “numerous unsecured rifles and shotguns strewn about the house” belonging to a Cohasset man. Police obtained a search warrant from a Clerk Magistrate at Quincy District Court, and arrived at the Doane Street residence at around 2 p.m.

They found about 100 guns, from shotguns to rifles and pistols, and five military grade shells. (Most media reported that there were 20 or “two dozen” guns, but since the police tweeted there were 100, that’s the number we’re using.)

As soon as the officers noted the presence of the military shells, they backed out of the residence and called the Massachusetts State Police Bomb squad.

According to Cohasset Local,

Members of the bomb squad arrived, assessed the shells, notified the United States Navy, and requested that they respond to take custody of the items. It is not known if the shells are live or not.

Chief Bill Quigley explained that under state law firearms have to be secured in a locked cabinet or with a trigger lock. The 65-year-old man, who lives alone, did have a license to possess rifles and shotguns, which was revoked by Quigley on Friday. All of his weapons have been seized.

“There are no more firearms in the house and in the adjacent building which he also owns that was searched as well,” Quigley said.

The man did not comply with state law, which is a huge issue. The person he allowed inside his home was reportedly a “credible source” for police.

But there is no evidence from the news reports that he was ever contacted and asked to fix the problem prior to confiscation. No one apparently asked him if the shells were live or just old mementos. Did the man have dementia,  Alzheimers, or some other debilitating mental issue? Was he a veteran? There are unanswered questions to this story, questions which are relevant to why his license was revoked and why the firearms were supposedly “strewn about the house.”





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