Cody Wilson Arrested in Taiwan on US Sex With a Minor Charge

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Cody Wilson, 30, the originator of the 3D gun, was arrested in Taiwan on charges that he had sex with a minor. He was arrested at a restaurant in Taipei for illegal entry into the country after the United States annulled his travel documents.

The Taiwanese police set up a sting operation by proposing a deal with his company online. Then they tracked him to his exact location when he signed the contract. The Liberty Times, a Taiwan newspaper, reported that he “cooperated calmly” while being arrested. They intend to have him extradited back to the US as quickly as possible.

Charged! Guilty until proven innocent

According to the charges, Cody allegedly contacted a 16 year old girl at, which is an adult dating site. They met at the Archer Hotel in Austin, Texas and reportedly had sex. The girl was not an adult, and the hotel reportedly has surveillance tape of the tryst.

The rooms at the Archer hotel are not cheap, starting at around $250 per night.

USA Today wrote,

The arrest affidavit alleges that a user identified himself to the teenager as “Cody Wilson” and described himself to her as a “big deal.”

A police investigation, using hotel records, driver’s license information and surveillance footage, showed Wilson had allegedly rented a room at the hotel where the victim said the two had sex.

Does this smell like a setup to you? First off, who in their right mind or even in a drunken stupor would identify themselves by their REAL name if they were meeting a teenager for sex?  Jail bait! Cody doesn’t come off as a stupid person, so that situation seems off.  Was she coached?

In this media driven age, even the mere mention of a sex offense, especially one with children, is guaranteed to cause a person to be guilty until proven innocent.

Users on the FALfiles website commented that they believe Cody was set up.

T wrote: “I think they have surveillance tape of him at the hotel as well. Looks like the deep state when all out on this setup. Wonder what the girls parents think.”

J wrote: “Seems kinda funny that everyone that challenges the State, like Assange, Scott Ritter and now Cody are rapists, kiddie porn collectors or pedophiles. 

Sorry I am not buying it.

Originally Posted by Riversidesports View Post
anyways you mess around on some website called Sugardaddymeet it’s obvious you are willing to pay or take money for it.
Both parties knew what they were doing, there is no victim in this one

^ It seems the state has the ability to sign you up for anything and pay for it with your CC and send pics of ‘your’ dick to whomever they want.”

B wrote: “I hate to say it, but I’m sure all sorts of shenanigans go on with the dudes who use websites like that. But when you are a high profile person with a target on your back already, you are always on someone’s radar.”

Are these commenters correct? People like Cody Wilson do have a target on their backs, and the government is not opposed to going after them.


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