Coast Guard Seized Cocaine from “Narco Sub” in Rough Seas. Can You Say “Badass”?

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The US Coast Guard seized about 39,000 pounds of cocaine and 933 pounds of marijuana worth a combined estimated $569 million between May and June 2019 from 14 separate operations. But it’s the drug seizure that occurred in the open waters of the eastern Pacific after a high speed chase on the ocean that caught the attention of those who watched the video (including the President).

Jalopnik noted, “The U.S. Coast Guard today announced that the Coast Guard Cutter Munro would offload thirty-nine thousand pounds of cocaine in San Diego with Vice President Pence presiding. The copious amounts of powdered narcotic had been taken in 14 separate seizures, including a particularly large haul in mid-June from the so-called narco-submarine seen here.

These semi-submersibles are intended to sit very low in the water slip by undetected. They sit low enough that they’re usually not seen, and it’s rare that they are picked up on instruments.

The Coast Guard intentionally sank the submersible after capturing its crew and offloading the cocaine. The only descriptions that fit the operation called it “badass.” There are some other remarks that come to mind from watching the video.

An SPSS is a ‘semi-submersible suspected drug smuggling vessel.’ The Coast Guard seized drugs from the SPSS in the open waters of the Pacific off the coast of Colombia on a day with rough seas. Climbing from a small raft to the submersible was a highly dangerous move with the waves threatening to overwhelm the raft and the submersible.

A Coastie riding on a rigid-hull inflatable pulls alongside a self-propelled semi-submersible, a “narco sub,” in the treacherous open Pacific under threatening skies.

Adrenaline obviously courses through everyone involved, including the tactical law enforcement officer who leaps onto the wave-drenched hull and grabs the sub’s hatch, pounding on it with brute force.

Remarkably, someone from below responds, hands reaching out of the black hole.

“Get down!!! Stay down!!!” the Coastie and his colleagues scream at the unseen occupants, hiding in their haze-gray, elliptical boat.
coast guard seized
The crew of the Cutter Munro offloads drugs seized on June 6, 2019

The Cutter Munro is named after Medal of Honor recipient Douglas Munro, who shielded Marines with his landing craft in heavy fighting at Matanikau during the Battle of Guadalcanal on Sept. 27, 1942. Vice President Pence told the crew that they did him proud by saving American lives.

So if you are ever tempted to call Coasties anything else, remember that video and know that they have the nation’s back in ways we can’t even fathom. You can safely call them “badass.”

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