Coast Guard Member Removed from Hurricane Response for Making “OK” Hand Sign

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A Coast Guard member has been removed from the hurricane response for making a hand sign that people claim is a “white power” sign, according to the Gateway Pundit. When we grew up it meant “OK.” Which had nothing whatever to do with racism, it just meant all right, or everything’s fine. But the use of it now has become “offensive.”

They said the same thing about an intern who was sitting directly behind Judge Brett Kavanaugh during the hearings as well. Her action was soundly discredited as a random holding of her hand.

This situation appears deliberate, unless he was scratching the inside of his ear. And he didn’t appear any too happy about having a camera shoved in his face.

The problem with this whole “white power” sign thing is that it’s in the eye of the beholder. The above outlets are news groups that tend toward the liberal side of things and Scott Spencer is an activist aka “social justice warrior.” They are only willing to see through their jaded view, even if the man in question was trying to say the Coast Guard has this hurricane response and everything is going to be “OK.”

The incident is now under investigation. IF he is a white supremacist they’ll quickly learn the truth. If he’s not, then the liberals have destroyed the career of a person based on their perceptions.

“The man has since been removed from the Florence response operations and the incident is under investigation. Whatever that symbol means, it doesn’t reflect the Coast Guard and our core values. It won’t be tolerated.…We’re not going to let one person detract from the good work the Coast Guard is doing in the region. We’re going to stay focused.” Coast Guard Lt. J.B. Zorn to NBC news

Note, according to the ADL, (Anti-Defamation League) the so called “white power” sign was originally a 4chan operation called O-KKK designed troll liberals. But it certainly has a life of its own now.

So go ahead, liberals, keep believing what you think you see and accusing people of being white supremacists. Enjoy yourselves in accusing people of being racists and attempting to destroy their careers.

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  • Michelle Tolbert

    Just when I thought things could not get any crazier. These guys serve our citizens, our country. They don’t give a care what color you are, or where you come from. They SERVE

  • Donald Crabill

    This is CRAZY !!!!!!!

  • Jason broskie

    I guess divers are racist now, I guess firemen are racist now and I guess all deaf people are racist now as well huh? Fucking stupid libtards

  • Albert

    Im a diver and that sign means “ok” to me

  • Roho

    Looking at the picture only, it looks to me like he has finger holding a earbud and the others are resting on his head. Idk.

  • Larry Super

    It means OK! PERIOD!

  • Ken Anderson

    Who determined this no longer meant okay?

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