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From the racist Republican file: As soon as the United States elected its first half black President, Barack Obama (not Bill Clinton), liberals have used racism to characterize any and all opposition to his catastrophic socialist policies.

Any opposition means…you’re a racist

For example:

If you opposed Obamacare- you’re a racist.

If you oppose giving the terrorist state of Iran billions of dollars and a path to nuclear weapons- you’re a racist.

If you oppose no name, unelected, government bureaucrats controlling every aspect of your life from the school lunches your kids eat, to where you can or can’t graze your cattle- you’re a racist.

If you oppose allowing millions of illegal aliens from Mexico and all points south or millions of Islamic “refugees” to freely flow into our country without the slightest vetting or regulation… well you guessed it by now- you’re a racist!

Play that race card- it’s a habit

Any and all legitimate opposition from day one was and still is characterized as racist despite the millions of white Americans who voted to put Obama in the White House TWICE!

You almost have to pity the left as this is such an ingrained part of their playbook they do it reflexively at this point. They can’t help themselves because to not play the race card forces them to consider the legitimate criticism that EVERY President gets.

It’s sobering that the left cries out so strenuously for “equality” and “diversity” at the same time they caustically decry the most normalizing elements of our society, criticism of one’s point of view for example, that show we have truly moved past RACISM.

don lemon

Screenshot from video The longer version of this interview is here.

OBama shielded from legitimate criticism

To criticize President Obama for HIS POLICIES makes him the most normal among us. It shows that his critics actually listened to his point of view, considered his policies and reacted to them, not his skin color.

The left can’t reconcile this because Obama’s policies and programs from Obamacare to the Iran nuclear deal have proved to be outright catastrophes for America.

Therefore they must use the race card as often as possible to try to render legitimate, political criticism inherently racist as often as possible. They have created a narrative that Congress only opposes Obama because he’s black. That’s just fodder for the intellectually deficient.

By shielding Obama from legitimate criticism, they inadvertently diminish his stature as a leader.

Sheriff Clarke- an influential American

That brings us to Sheriff David Clarke. Sheriff Clarke, like Colonel Alan West, is among the most prominent and influential black conservatives around today. In ever increasing numbers, black Americans are finding their way to the Conservative movement because of the likes of these great men.

Conservatives heartily accept and embrace these great Americans because of their views not the color of their skin, thus destroying the MSM narrative of white, Conservative/Republican racism.

Don Lemon fought the law…and Sheriff Clarke kicked his butt

However in the racist halls of the MSM the monolithic liberal view of events still reigns supreme. In this interview, Sheriff Clarke tears into CNN’s Don Lemon with a blistering vengeance so strong, Lemon retreats to a commercial rather than deal with the substance of Sheriff Clarke’s point of view.

Lemon deflects and stammers when the Sheriff takes him down paths he’d rather not go for obvious reasons. Sheriff Clarke stands up for American law enforcement while Lemon stands up for the racist, hateful, terroristic, Black Lives Matter movement.

It’s simply too much for Lemon to take. If Don Lemon was a real journalist, if he understood the depth of the material or scope of events like Sheriff Clarke does he would have stood his ground and debated on substance.

But a man without facts, character, or integrity will always retreat in the face of confrontation. Lemon’s job is to push a narrative not deal with facts. That’s why when the Sheriff shows up… the guilty flee.

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