CNN Tries to Smear St Louis Attorneys Who Defended Their Property; Police Consider Charges Against Crowd

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As CNN attempted to smear the St Louis Attorneys that confronted a crowd in front of their home, police are considering charging individuals in the crowd with trespassing and 4th degree assault by intimidation according to St. Louis Today.

“At that point, everybody got enraged. There were people wearing body armor. One person pulled out some loaded pistol magazines and clicked them together and said that you were next. We were threatened with our lives, threatened with the house being burned down, my office building being burned down, even our dog’s life being threatened. It was about as bad as it can get…I really thought it was storming the Bastille, that we would be dead and the house would be burned and there was nothing we could do about it. It was a huge and frightening crowd.” Mark McCloskey to KSDK

As we noted in our previous article, the street on which the St Louis attorneys live is PRIVATE. They broke no laws in the defense of their property. Under Missouri’s Castle Doctrine, they had every right to defend their property.

“At any point that you enter the property, they can then, in Missouri, use deadly force to get you off the lawn. There’s no right to protest on those streets. The protesters thought they had a right to protest, but as a technical matter, they were not allowed to be there. … It’s essentially a private estate. If anyone was violating the law, it was the protesters. In fact, if (the McCloskeys) have photos of the protesters, they could go after them for trespassing.” Anders Walker, Constitutional Law Professor at St Louis University.

Of course, Chris Cuomo at Fake News CNN attempted to smear them, and even the President. Attorney Mark McCloskey in a response as cool as a cucumber, defanged Cuomo easily.

“I’m glad you’re a mind reader.” Mark McCloskey

Mark McCloskey easily made Chris Cuomo look and sound like the fool that he is.

The fake news media has failed to research their narrative properly. Not only is that street private, and the crowd broke the gate to get in, but the Mayor’s house reportedly can’t be reached by walking down the private street.  They weren’t “peaceful protesters” in the first place. The St Louis attorneys were within their rights.

“Their entire practice tenure as counsel (has) been addressing the needs of the downtrodden, for whom the fight for civil rights is necessary. My clients, as melanin-deficient human beings, are completely respectful of the message Black Lives Matter needs to get out, especially to whites … (but) two individuals exhibited such force and violence destroying a century-plus old wrought iron gate, ripping and twisting the wrought iron that was connected to a rock foundation, and then proceeded to charge at and toward and speak threateningly to Mr. and Mrs. McCloskey.” McCloskey Attorney Albert S. Watkins in the Daily Wire


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  • Steve Longo

    Thank you for setting the facts straight. After all, it’s their property which is not public.

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