CNN Pushes Punishment for Soldiers Getting Trump Autographs

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MSNBC claimed that Trump never once visited the troops…while he was in Iraq visiting the troops. CNN decided to use the possibility of punishment for soldiers who brought their MAGA hats for Trump autographs. Other leftists reacted with horror at the sight of soldiers obtaining a Trump signature, according to Breitbart. This is why we hate the mainstream media: they make Trump bashing – and now the troops- their only news.

Fox  wrote:

CNN anchor Don Lemon took shots at Trump for visiting the troops while the U.S. Coast Guard continues to work without pay during the partial government shutdown and later referred to Trump as “The Grinch” for making Christmas about him as well as his visit with the troops. Former NSA adviser Samantha Vinograd agreed, saying the president “should’ve stayed home.”

Later on, CNN’s April Ryan said Trump’s visit with the troops “should have happened a long time ago” and questioned whether everyone “should be commending him” for something presidents have done in the past.

Here’s a few examples:

The CNN headline read:“Troops bringing Trump hats to sign may violate military rule.” Press Secretary Sarah Sanders took aim at CNN when she said,

“CNN will attack anyone who supports President Trump, including the brave men and women of our military who fight everyday to protect our freedom.”

Others also reminded the fake news media that other Presidents have visited the troops, and they autographed many items for them, including political posters.

Greg Gutfeld called CNN the “nation’s hall monitor.” Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino tweeted, “When you’ve run out of dumb anti-Trump stories to write this happens 👉🏻 ”Troops bringing Trump hats to sign may violate military rule.”

Their coverage was so negative they even labeled him “The Grinch.”

Dear CNN and MSM: Pound sand.


Featured photo: screenshot via Jennifer Epstein, Bloomberg reporter

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  • James kerestman

    Not very many people see you then could serve in the military. Why CNN trying to tell us what to do.

  • Charlene holt

    I’m so sick of everyone from the left bashing the president..I support you Mr President

  • John Green

    I can I tell you how disappointed I am CNN in the way they have chose to discredit Dishonored and disrespect our president.
    I wish there was a way as a single American citizen but I could put CNN back in their place.
    I will never use CNN as my main news again and not because I am partial to President Trump because CNN clearly springing forth misleading news

  • Lisa Osborne

    Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣. trump is their BOSS!! He isn’t campaigning! He already won 🤪

    I can’t believe that anyone would want to be part of any liberal anymore after these whine asses 🤔🤔

  • Brian

    CNN and the rest will be buried in so much litigation they will not be able to afford to cover a highschool newspaper.

    Right now there is a giant gap left open for a new news station to take over and fill the void. Its not if, but when they are replaced….

  • Patriots

    He is their Commander in chief he can allow them to wear these hats at this special occasion. Give it a rest!

  • Larry Michels


  • Paul kral

    During his eight years as President, President Obama’’s war zone visits were limited to Hawaii each year and the media didn’t say a word

  • Nick Reyes

    These CNN reporters show through out their reports how ignorant, idiotic and misleading they are time and time again. It’s a soldier’s right to not only meet and associate with political representatives of their choice but to also donate money to their political party. These Morons should first find out what we in the military can or can’t do while in uniform vs. assuming and putting out eroneus infuriating information to the people. SFC (R) Nick Reyes

  • Don

    Me thinks all you FU**** news people should get a grip, grow up and get a life.

  • Ron Samuelson

    I am a 30 year Sergeant Major vet. If I had my hat I would try to get it signed. I did not see anyone wearing a red had. These soldiers wanted to see their Commander.

    • Donna Kiff

      Exactly they’re just trying to dig up dirt where there is none. Thank you for sticking up for the troops and the president

  • Cesar

    CNN= Commie Network News. The only one who needs impeachment is CNN. HEY CNN TRUMP 2020!! And there is nothing YOU can do about it. haha.

  • Cesar

    Don lemon go suck your boyfriend asshole!

  • Dan Hester (Retired)

    Hey Commie Criminal Network!!! How abaout you do some damn research on UCMJ!!! You folks are so freakin desperate and stupid! Talk straight out your Ass! A Commander and Chief visit Does Not constitute and political Event!!! It is a Commander and Chief Visiting his troops!!! Get some Damn education!!! Oh and BTW, it is up to the Direct command to decide if any UCMJ is to be carried out.
    Get damn clue Leftwing idiots!!!!

  • JoeB

    CNN is OK with a Man wearing a dress on base but against a person wearing a MAGA hat ? That should tell you all you need to know about CNN.

  • Mark

    That’s the reason I don’t watch and have even blocked the channel, President Trump is going to be one of best presidents we’ve ever had, especially coming in behind a Muslim,racist president,that Obama was. And I was a Democrat, but switched over when Trump ran. And now I will stay a republican, because it’s clear that Democrats are pretty stupid people, and very uneducated. I’m actually embarrassed to say I’ve ever voted for democratic political leadership.

  • Charlie

    CNN you are out of your mind what could they charge them

  • Keith Hunt

    I kind of like the CNN pound sand comment because it’s just this simple if you are not in that service members chain of command butt out

  • Marti

    OMG! Get a grip news and who reports it! #1 leave our soldiers alone!! They’re over across the world fighting to keep us and our country safe and free!! Putting their lives not yours on the line everyday!! Show them Honor not dishonor, respect not disrespect!!

  • Lylia Hoehl

    Lighten up, people. He spent Christmas visiting our troops in a war zone. Thank you, Mr. President, you are braver than most!

  • Anthony

    President Barack Obama visited troops in Hawaii every Christmas and President George W. Bush visited Walter Reed every year from 2003 to 2008, Trump was following in the footsteps of other commanders in chief, from James Madison and Abraham Lincoln to FDR During the Vietnam War, both Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon visited the troops fighting there And in more recent history, Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush all visited troops in combat zones. Now Trump has added to that history and tradition.

  • Koloss mesh uggahobzen

    Jealous loser fake fagget news.
    Trump needs to praise CNN for being the best news ever so they’ll man up and admit there’re nothing but lying cheating racist hate advocates hell bent on dividing us to death.
    The more they lie the more people are waking up to this crooked ass deep state corrupt child raping baby killing destroying the human race hitler wanna be bullshit. I don’t care if Trump fucks my mom and calls my sister a whore he’s out there dealing with petty crap everyday from 90% of the media all the tech companies lot of Republicans all the democrats who will literally do anything to smear him I mean ANYTHING. Even with all the election rigging with millions of illegal voters having every celebrity and newspaper endorsement to wiretapping spies planted treason stories and literally spending twice as much money as the underdog who has never even run for office before.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it you racist facist junkie pedophile marry a goat liberals.

  • Mindy Bowers

    Why wouldn’t our military support our President?? He stands behind them 100%. Media has nothing better to do than smear our military? Get over it he’s our President til 2024!!

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