CNN Immigrant Request Takes A Whoopin’ On Facebook

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A CNN Immigrant request posted on Facebook took an absolute whoopin’ from immigrants that responded in 4,800 comments. (So far).

“Are you an immigrant? Have you felt forced recently to change your behavior, or take new precautions? We’d like to hear from you for a story we’re working on.”

You see what they’re up to, looking for a consensus of that ‘racist’ President Trump. They’re idiots. Anyone want to take bets that they’ll make sure these comments are NOT in the “story” they’re working on? Let’s look at some of the responses:

CNN Immigrant Request

Marleny: I am an immigrant and I am very proud to be an American and I love this country. Period ❤️

Jutta: I was a refugee. I came to the US in 1956, I became a US citizen in 1962. … and I am a proud American!!!!!!

Marisa: How about this story CNN. I have been in the US over 50 years. My father, sponsored by his sister came here in 1955. He worked his a$$ off in the construction business so that he could afford to buy a car and a small house. Years later, me, my mom and two sisters joined him. As soon as it was legally possible, he made us all become US citizens. Although I was born in another country, I always considered myself an American citizen. Come here legally and you’ll have everyone’s support, until then go back home. I love President Trump! 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️

Vince: My family would call, but they’re to busy WORKING!! They came here with NOTHING worked like dogs, became citizens and now live prosperously. Thank you America!

Linda: Wow how sad that y’all wouldn’t want to have our veterans or homeless people on your show 🙁

Jerry: What about our American Veterans ? Such a hate filled network.

Frank: I’m an immigrant. My family came to this great country legally because we loved it. We learned the language and joined the American lifestyle. I don’t find his tweets racist, if you don’t love this country then why stay? Everyone has the freedom to find a place that they will love, move there instead of changing the things people love about this country!

Immigrants who came here legally have worked hard, and many of them love President Trump. Through the darkest times of American history, they’ve been part of the American fabric…but the CNN liberals are doing their level best to tear that fabric apart. President Trump isn’t a “racist”- the term is having little meaning anymore because liberals use it for everything when someone disagrees.

You can read more of the comments here:

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  • Douglas schnoor

    Good job guys! Keep the truth relevant and sooner or later thier house of cards will come tumbling down!

  • Terri

    This whole ‘NATION OF IMMIGRANTS’ slogan is LIES & PROPAGANDA !
    Originally, it was a Government & Activist tool used post-Civil War & Esp Early 20th Century when the 1st Real-Largest Mass Migrations of Europeans & Asians filled into already over crowded Big Cities. Newcomers were met by anger, hate & even violence by Former Immigrants (already on 2nd Generation Citizenship) and were already struggling in to find jobs, make a became a living, find/keep decent housing, etc. During the Depression Era New Immigrants were despised! Post Wars, 2nd-3rd Gen, Immigrants – Now Citizens, believed their Citizenship & Sacrifices entitled them 2 PRIORITY over new comers! The Gov allowing Mass Immigration-Legal or Not n2 country hurts citizens. Open immigration affects income, jobs, resources, etc making Everything harder 4 Citizens to compete & Exist!
    … BACK THEN, Government & Activists created ‘Nation of Immigrants’ Propaganda as a TOOL to defuse citizens’ hostility & to a degree it worked bcuz as said, Many ‘citizens’ esp n Northern Big Cities were barely 2nd gens.
    HOWEVER, MODERN USE OF THE PROPAGANDA TOOL is AIMED at SHAMING Citizens N2 BELIEVING ILLEGAL INVASION as Justified, Normal & Acceptable = Bcuz, after all, according 2 the PROPAGANDISTS, ‘Didn’t we all just get off a boat not too long ago?’

    TOO MANY believe & accept this PROPAGANDA Slogan as True. IT’S NOT!
    Per 2013 🇺🇸 Census stats, OVER 75% of 🇺🇸 Citizens ARE 3rd Generation OR MORE… ALLOT MORE!

    Thus, This begs the Question: When are 🇺🇸 Citizens no longer descendant from Immigrants? At what generation does a 🇺🇸Citizen BIRTH/CREATE A Truly ‘Natural’ CITIZEN?

    NOW or FURTHERMORE, IMO, ME & MINE ARE ‘ORIGINALS!’ My forefathers were NEVER ‘IMMIGRANTS’ n 🇺🇸! – And, although I have Native Indian Actual Heritage on both sides of my family, in tracing genetics, using paternal lineage & surname, My Forefathers, did immigrate from ‘Old Germany’ to England & LEGALLY became Citizens of the 👑: British Citizens. Later, as British Subjects, they *MOVED to BRITISH COLONIES on the American Continent.
    * Legal Citizens of a country commonly ‘MOVE’ within the country’s lands, territories=boundaries. ‘Migration’ = human movement n2 unfamiliar areas/lands. So, yes, BRITISH (& European) Citizens migrated to the America’s BUT lived within boundaries of their country of citizenship/origin.
    Ex: A Maryland Resident moves(migrates) to Alaska is NOT an IMMIGRANT! 🇺🇸Citizenship does NOT change in New State!

    @1692, MY forefathers, 👑 Citizens, moved the British Owned American Colonies, 1st arriving n PA b4 MOVING SETTLING N the British Colony of VIRGINIA.

    Two, nearly 3 generations later, My Ancestors assisted & fought with thousands upon thousands of fellow Colonials to defeat Britain and gain 🇺🇸 Freedom & Independence. Those Revolutionary Patriots, their families & fellow Colonials became the 1st 🇺🇸 CITIZENS!

    THEREFORE, I DARE any1 claim ALL Non-Native Indian Americans are Descendants of IMMIGRANTS! WE ARE NOT! The SAME goes for Americans descendant from African Slaves! Slaves were NOT IMMIGRANTS! Their citizenship was automatically granted w/ 14th Amendment (13A=Freedom)!

    Once AGAIN, “NATION OF IMMIGRANTS” is FALSE! We’re NOT a Nation of Immigrants! We’re a Nation of LEGAL 🇺🇸 Citizens! Human migration has happened from the beginning of time! If you accept that Slogan of PROPAGANDA, EVERY NATION is a NATION OF IMMIGRANTS!
    Dumb, ignorant, uneducated Lemmings believing this propaganda fail to see the 100% Lie it is and WORSE, are victims of its deception who’ll be easily persuaded into accepting unnecessary Legal Immigration = ⚓ baby citizenship, chain migration, Asylum & Refugees allowed/accepted n2 country & later given citizenship as part of Globalization Goals, etc. AND ILLEGAL – CRIMINAL INVASION being shaded as ‘Immigration’ but has the SOLE Purpose of fulfilling Political Power Grabs(by Democrat party 4 Votes) & sponsored by NWO-Globalists, activists & 3rd World countries pushing their poor, diseased, uneducated, etc & criminals onto 🇺🇸 tax payers ~who, then, by the way, send BILLIONS$$ ‘Remittances’ to families/home countries…AND NEVER EVER should we 4get, along w/ the Globalists who want NEW WORLD ORDER – No countries, No nationality, 1 Rule, United as 1 UNDER THEIR POWER & CONTROL living in THEIR Ideal Utopian Society, THERE’S the EQUALLY, if NOT GREATEST THREAT OF ALL: THE DEATH CULT OF ISLAM who’s ONLY GOAL IS TO RID THE WORLD OF ALL SIN & SINNERS=INFIDELS & JEWS, thru Death or forced submission/conversion, REQUIRED of them to fulfill ALLAH’S word!
    … CANNOT say it LOUD ENOUGH:
    ‘Nation of Immigrants’ is PROPAGANDA & LIES used to JUSTIFY FORCED Invasion of Hostile Criminals aimed at fulfilling Political & ‘Other’ Goals & Agendas, NONE aimed at bettering our country or even helping the criminal pawns incorrectly labeled as immigrants!

    Sorry…that’s My OPINION…& LOTS of FACTS!

  • Jeff K

    Thank you Faye! I’m hitting my 30th in LE in October. The left disgusts us and is trying to minimize patriotism and love of country by their hanging the race card and racist cards on it. We as Americans need to stay the course. 4th generation American here but as with most of us I remember the stories my great grandmother told us of real oppression.
    God bless the USA 🇺🇸 and every patriot.

    • Faye Higbee

      Thank you, Jeff, for staying in LE for your 30! Congratulations, and stay safe!

  • Gregg

    How about asking if someone has been verbally or physically attacked or harassed by an immigrant (Angel Families), cnn or any other liberal person, group (their domestic terrorists groups) or media because of being Pro-American, being in the Military, being a Veteran, your color, your race, stating a position in public they disagree with, wearing something they do not like and especially if being a supporter of President Trump. Countless attacks have already taken place and it is likely to get even worse between now and the 2020 election. Once President Trump is re-elected expected major riots. Add to this how fake attacks have been claimed by liberals, nearly even one.

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