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CNN may have committed a crime by threatening to out the Reddit User who reportedly created the meme that went viral showing Trump beating up the news network. Just because they committed a kind of blackmail and the entire internet knows it, simply means they have left themselves open to an exceptional array of memes and videos. Many of them are under #CNNBlackmail on Twitter.


But that’s just the tip of proverbial iceberg. CNN and MSNBC were called out again for fake news after reporting that the President of Poland’s wife didn’t shake Trump’s hand. She did. And the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, was not happy.


Now the call out:


Do they know blackmail is illegal?

Julian Assange compares CNN to a meeting of the Gambino Crime family. Then he weighs in on the illegal aspect of threatening to out the Reddit user who made the Trump wrestling gif:





The following are just a few of the videos and memes produced by all sorts of folks. Everything from memes to videos. If CNN wants to out that many people, good luck.

Here’s one of the most hilarious:






Oh, and by the way, CNN is down in ranking below Nick-at-Nite. Karma, that’s what it is.


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