Cliven Bundy Arrested in Oregon; FBI Surrounds Refuge

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Cliven Bundy Arrested in Oregon; FBI Surrounds Refuge

Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy flew to Oregon yesterday, as a plea for patriots to come to the refuge came out from his wife Carol. But as he landed, the FBI arrested him for charges stemming from the 2014 standoff. Meanwhile at the refuge, the last 4 remaining holdouts agreed to surrender to the FBI…all but one. He has now surrendered.


UPDATE: The last remaining man at the refuge has surrendered to the FBI.

cliven bundy arrested

The road to the refuge was sealed off by the FBI photo via The Oregonian

Feds can wait indefinitely

Mr. Bundy was at the core of a confrontation with the BLM in which the government backed off the attack on the rancher when thousands of patriots showed up to confront them.  But the BLM killed numerous heads of livestock during the incident, brought in snipers, and threatened the Bundys with the loss of their livelihoods because of failure to pay grazing fees. Cliven Bundy is now in federal custody.

Like crocodiles in the reeds of a river await  their prey, they bided their time until he was in a vulnerable position.

cliven bundy

Cliven Bundy was arrested at the Portland airport Multnomah County Sheriff photo

The Refuge

Three of the remaining people- Sandy Anderson, Sean Anderson, and Jeff Banta, surrendered to the FBI on Thursday morning after armed agents and armored vehicles surrounded the camp and demanded they lay down their arms. The fourth person, David  Fry, refused to give up.

Will he die?

The New York Times reported,

Then Mr. Fry, the last holdout, who had seemed calm to that point, lit a cigarette and became agitated.

“Unless my grievances are heard, I won’t come out,” he shouted, while supporters on the phone, and those at the refuge, urged him to remain calm and surrender.

I’m actually feeling suicidal right now,” he said, adding that he was sitting alone in a tent. “I have to stand my ground. It’s liberty or death. I will not go another day as a slave to this system.”

“I declare war against the federal government,” he said a few minutes later. “I’ve peacefully voted and nothing is ever done.”

We are thankful that he surrendered without more bloodshed.


Was anything positive accomplished in the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge?  That is a question only you can answer. They brought attention to the plight of ranchers, but the liberal media managed to make it appear that they were evil ‘terrorists’ willing to kill. That’s not the truth, but it is the viewpoint.

The environmentalist view is the position of the liberal media, and ranchers who provide food for humans are not in favor. Anyone who disagrees is automatically placed in the domestic terrorist category. First blood has been drawn in the struggle to regain the ability to pursue life, liberty, and ownership of property.

As my Dad once told me, “People who own property have power and the government doesn’t like it. When they decide to take the land, that’s when the trouble will begin.” That quote was from 30 years ago. You were right, Dad.

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