The Clintons are “not good people”

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Bill and Hillary have destroyed more than one life over the course of their tenure in politics…and especially over Bill’s zipper that refuses to stay closed in the presence of women. And whenever he’s done something, Hillary has done her level best to destroy those women. So when Trump threatened to bring up his sexual excursions, there have been some nasty words exchanged. Chelsea Clinton called the whole thing a “distraction.”

The “distraction”

The ‘short list’ of Bill Clinton’s sexual misdeeds from is quite long: Juanita Broaddrick | Kathleen Willey | Paula Jones | Sandra Allen James | Eileen Wellstone | Christy Zercher | Carolyn Moffet | Helen Dowdy | Becky Brown | Regina Blakely Hopper | Monica Lewinsky |Elizabeth Ward Gracen | Gennifer Flowers | Connie Hamzy | Dolly Kyle Browning | Sally Miller (Sally Perdue) | Lencola Sullivan

He once reportedly bragged about his womanizing, saying that he had far more than 17 women. But in ALL of them, Hillary is said to have been the abusive bitch.

Here are just a few tweets over this matter that have come up lately:

Juanita Broadrrick accused Bill Clinton of raping her when he was Attorney General of Arkansas.

She addressed Chelsea Clinton for calling her claim a “distraction.”

Gennifer Flowers was involved with Bill Clinton during his time as President. When Trump threatened to put her in the front row at the first Presidential debate, the scrambling to stop it was…vocal. But PLEASE NOTE: he did NOT say he WAS going to put her there, he said “perhaps.”

And it apparently got her some hate mail.


Monica Lewinsky:

And here, to refresh your memories, is the scandal that caused Bill Clinton’s impeachment. But of course because the Clintons are part of the Washington insiders, nothing happened to him.

If Hillary is elected, it will be more of the same…more lies, more corruption, more backdoor politics…and more under the table sexual encounters.

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