Clinton Interrupted by Protester With “Bill Clinton a Rapist” Sign

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Bill Clinton is rarely at a loss for words, even if they are lies. But at a rally for his wife in Canton, Ohio yesterday, he stood there with his mouth open when a protester at the back of the rally showed up with a sign that read “Bill Clinton a Rapist.” The protester exited without disturbance…other than the crowd turning their heads to watch.

He quickly told the audience not to “worry about that.” Then he said,

“I love it when people come to my rallies,” he continued, “and it’s a dead give away when they don’t want to have a conversation. Cause they know they’ll lose the conversation.”

The person who doesn’t want to have a “conversation” is Bill Clinton. He denied the relationship with Monica Lewinsky and then had to fess up, even though he didn’t believe that oral sex was actually “sex.”

He was in Ohio on a campaign stop for Hillary- why did he say it was “his rally”- just thinking out loud.

While the uninformed liberals don’t want to blame Hillary for Bill’s infidelities, the fact is that she not only blamed the women, but publicly and with malevolence shamed them in an attempt to destroy their lives.

The Washington Free Beacon reported,

The crowd cheered loudly and the protestor exited without disturbance.

Wednesday’s protest comes amid reports that Donald Trump might bring up past allegations against Bill Clinton for sexual misconduct during Sunday night’s second presidential debate.

Juannita Broaddrick has accused Bill Clinton of rape back when he was serving as Arkansas’s Attorney General. She came forward in 1999 with her allegation that Clinton sexual assaulted her in Little Rock hotel room in 1978.

We reported on some of Slick Willy’s sexual escapades previously.

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