Clinton House Fire – the Entertainment Never Ends

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Chappaqua, New York – The headlines on January 3 read, “Clinton’s House is on Fire! It’s in the Bedroom!” As speculation rose, we were saddened to learn that the fire was only in the Secret Service Facility near their home. Another great joke opportunity bites the dust.  Except for the great conspiracy theories about the fire that were almost immediate when the news broke.

The Secret Service advised that the fire started in the ceiling of the second floor, it spread to the attic, and that they used a fire extiguisher to put it out. The Chappaqua Fire Department responded to make sure it was absolutely out.

The most common response of folks on Twitter was : “Are they burning evidence? Or “What evidence are they trying to get rid of now?” It was entertaining, to say the least.

What really happened? There is some confusion. News Media issued a “corrected report” that stated the fire was actually in the Secret Service facilty located in a detached garage (aka “old barn”) near the Clinton’s home. It started on the second floor and spread to the attic, according to NBC. Police and the Chappaqua Fire Department have been declining to give more information on the fire.

The snarky remarks:

Then there was the Chelsea Clinton wishing Happy New Year to the Church of Satan yesterday. Was it…fire from Heaven?

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