Clinton Campaign Scandals – Will Wikileaks Sink Her Titanic?

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This is just the shortlist of Wikileaks from the last couple of days. The list of ugliness is deep. They’re all “backstabbers,” including Chelsea, with Neera Tanden the most openly bitchy of the bunch. Collusion with corporations, media, foreign government, and our government – they’ve just having a heyday with everyone’s money (except their own, of course).

The scandals

The sad thing is that they appear to KNOW they’re screwing up. The scandals themselves are eye-opening, if not outright frightening- most of these we have already reported, but here is a tweet to some of the worst:

Democrat vengeance

In one email, John Podesta wrote that he is for making an example of any suspected leaker “whether or not we have any real basis for it.”

Translation? They’ll go after anyone they think might have leaked something regardless of whether their suspicion is right or wrong. The mere suggestion that someone is leaking things will bring down the wrath of the Clinton Campaign without any evidence whatsoever.

Cheating at the debates

Then there is that Donna Brazile DNC chair leaking questions to Hillary prior to the debate:

Brazile has been dumped by CNN today after the two emails revealed by Wikileaks showed her passing the debate questions along to Hillary.

Media collusion

CNN dumped her, but the Clinton News Network fed Hillary information too.

Heads up, Environmentalists (we know you hate this)

In case any environmentalists felt like voting for Hillary, it might help you to know that she promoted fracking around the world as Secretary of State. Yes, she was an advocate of a process that is widely controversial and routinely hated by environmentalists. We suspect there was money involved like there is everywhere else.

Questionable influence of foreign governments

“Foreign govt money is in”

Those are just the tip of a very large, very deep iceberg. There is a nice “collection” of the latest revelations like these and more at this link from “Shadowproof.” It would be nice to hear those prison doors slam shut on all of this corruption some day soon.

Trump is right- everything is rigged. Now maybe you have some understanding of why everyone has been so arrayed against him.

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