Clayton County Homeowner Dispatches Home Invader

 In 2nd Amendment

Jonesboro, GA – A Clayton County homeowner was awakened at around 3 a.m. on Friday morning to “banging sounds” coming from inside his home. He grabbed a rifle and shot the intruder multiple times. The suspect died on the way to the hospital.

Jayven Jackson, 18, was coming up the stairs as the homeowner confronted him. The “banging sounds” were from the suspect breaking the glass beside the front door in order to gain entry into the home.

11Alive reported,

Police said he was injured but alive and conscious at the time. Jackson was taken to the hospital by emergency responders but died along the way.

Further investigation and a conversation with the homeowner provided more detail about the incident which apparently began when he heard loud banging at his front door.

The homeowner said the suspect broke the glass next to the front door and reached to unlock it before making entry. Police said that as Jackson made his way up the stairs, the homeowner grabbed a rifle and shot several times in the alleged robber’s general direction.

Even though he was hit , Jackson managed to crawl downstairs toward the front door, according to Breitbart.

Because police are not charging the Clayton County homeowner, his name will not be released. Jayven Jackson reportedly had “run ins” with police prior to this incident while still a juvenile.

“People have the right to defend themselves, that’s the point we want to drive home, you have the right to defend yourself.” Maj. Anthony Thuman with the Clayton County Police Department

There are literally thousands of these kinds of stories – homeowners both male and female, who must shoot someone to protect themselves. and/or their families. They are stories ignored by anti-gunners, who come up with the most inane thoughts on the deaths. We’ve heard everything from “It allows the gun owner to be judge and jury” to a plain old “you can’t do that.”

Featured photo- screenshot via wsbtv Atlanta

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  • AutiChic

    How about the man in New York that shot 2 intruders with a gun that was passed down to him by his father. He is now in jail due to him not registering the weapon even though the Woman and her nephew tried to attack him.

  • JC Souders

    Or if you live in the state of New York, you are guilty of murder due to the fact that criminals have the right to kill you but not you kill them.

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