Clay County Deputy Rescues American Flag

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Missouri: A Clay County Deputy spotted an American flag that had blown over on its pole in a windstorm on March 15. He stopped to rescue it from touching the ground, and folded it properly. The incident was caught on a Ring home surveillance camera in the 2700 block of North Walrond in Avondale, according to kmbc.

Air Force veteran and Clay County Deputy Doug McElroy was driving by on patrol when he noticed Jerri Noble’s flag pole had been blow over by the wind. He exited his patrol vehicle, walked to the pole and removed the flag. Then he walked to the residence and properly folded it, leaving it on the porch.

When Jerri returned home from work, he found his pole tipped over, but no flag on it. When he reviewed the surveillance video, he saw what Deputy McElroy had done.

At a time when so many disrespect not only the flag but those who love it, Deputy McElroy’s example shines brightly. Thank you for your service, Deputy McElroy, and for the respect given to our symbol of freedom.


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