Classless, Vile Liberals Attack Triple Amputee Over GoFundMe

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After Alyssa Milano attacked Brian Kolfage personally and Jimmy Kimmel, the all knowing authority on everything because he’s a “celebrity,” said on his show that anyone who supported the Trump’s Wall GoFundMe was a “dopey person” and “dipping into their meth money”- all hell has broken loose against Brian Kolfage, the triple amputee veteran who started the account. Regardless of whether anyone agrees or disagrees with what he started, the attacks have been vile and incessant…some of which have attacked his family. It’s the method of the left these days.

“After Alyssa Milano and Jimmy Kimmel took it upon themselves to personally attack me it  blew up in their faces.  The left wingers took that as their dog whistle and began attacking me, my wife and our children.” Kolfage to The Gateway Pundit

Here are a few of the ones sent to Kolfage and given to the Gateway Pundit:

The current leftist drivel that comes from Pelosi, Waters, Hillary, Holder, and other Democrats is that they can’t be “civil” to people who disagree with them. And that sentiment is pervading society at this point in time. Keyboard warriors who just want to be nasty and vile to a Conservative Veteran have gone out of their way to attack Kolfage and his family. It is reminiscent of  the Kavanaugh hearings, but this method of attack was occurring prior to that situation.

According to the Gateway Pundit, those are but a few of the hate-filled remarks that were sent to Brian Kolfage.

“Liberals are showing their true colors again. When they don’t agree with something they go low… real low. And it’s because this generation has become weak immature brats who can’t handle a normal debate without being triggered by use of wrong pronouns or a white male; welcome to the real world where safe spaces don’t exist.” Brian Kolfage

Activist reporters have been trying to get the fund kicked off the platform, according to the Daily Caller. Twitter users have been “doxxing” contributors to the GoFundMe. Some have accused him of fraud with the account. As we stated at the beginning of this article: regardless of whether you agree with him or not, it is totally inexcusable to be vile to a United States Air Force veteran who gave three limbs in his service, or his family.  

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  • kevin hyland

    Thanks hero

  • Dawn Appelberg

    Anyone who can stoop as low as these cretins should be considered mentally unstable. Seriously unfit for society. They are the reason we carry firearms…they are a threat to our children.

  • Sharon

    I really dont understand people. Actually things they say are so offensive one was more then enough. All this because WE WANT A WALL FOR PROTECTION and if people want to send money in to do this then so be it. It’s what we want and it’s the only way to beat the Democrats at their own game

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