Civilian-Military Divide Solution from SecDef Mattis: “Stop Being Jerks”

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James Mattis has a unique perspective on things, but in a recent speech at the Reagan National Defense Forum in Simi Valley, CA, he suggested that the best way to bridge the so-called civilian-military divide was to simply be nice to each other. He’s right. Don’t we wish people would heed THAT advice? One short tour through Twitter gives us a clue on how much no one pays much attention to being ‘nice.’

“If we can create a society where respect and friendliness is the passport that we all have when we meet each other … then the military, who literally will go in harm’s way for us, will not seem alien anymore.  They’ll seem like your own brothers and sisters.” SecDef Mattis

In actuality, they ARE our brothers and sisters but it seems that Democrats and leftists can’t get over the “divide.” There shouldn’t even BE a “divide.”

The Military Times reported,

Asked whether he is concerned that only a small fraction of American society has shouldered the burden of the recent wars, Mattis said the disconnect between the military and civilians who never served has been a lingering issue since the start of the all-volunteer force in the 1970s.

“We asked then would it be good for the republic, would it divorce us from the body politic,” he said. “Would people make decisions quite smug in the fact that their family would not be in harm’s way. We’ve got to consider that. We can’t hide from that elephant in the room.”

But Mattis said he believes solving that gap lies less in educating the public about the armed forces and more in making all Americans better citizens.

“We better all go back to finding a way to embrace one another,” he said. “And the military, we’re not that special. We’re simply patriots who decide this is how we pay our dues.”

It seems as though being “nice” to one another has left the entire American scene with the exception of certain people.  And whole sections of society honestly do act like “jerks” a great deal of the time. Becoming better citizens, as the Secretary describes, would be great. But with so many people who a) don’t want to work, and b) could care less about others, that in itself could be difficult to produce.

Even the word “patriots” alarms this generation. Is there still enough conscience left in our nation to do what James Mattis suggests? And as far as a small fraction of people shouldering the burdens of war…it was that way in the beginning. The III% from the Revolutionary War comes to mind.


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Defense Secretary Jim Mattis awaits the arrival of dignitaries at the Pentagon on Nov. 28, 2018. (Sgt. Amber I. Smith/Defense Department)

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