Civil War Over 2nd Amendment? Pay Attention

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When Kellyanne Conway told Steve Doocy on Fox and Friends that “everything” was on the table regarding stopping mass shootings, there were real honest-to-goodness red flags going off in my head. Will that mean a civil war over 2nd amendment?

Steve Doocy: There’s a story that the president has spoken to the Attorney General, Bill Barr about using some regulatory power or executive action to try to do something, just like he did with bump stocks, regarding this. Is that on the table?

Kellyanne Conway: It is on the table. And he was in close contact with the attorney general and the FBI director over the weekend.

Fox and Friends

Civil war over 2nd amendment?

But even Rep Adam Kinzinger says that there is a “serious movement” to abolish the 2nd Amendment.

“It is unfair that you would deny somebody a right by putting a restriction in place because… I own an AR.  99 percent of us are responsible with these guns. But as a society, we can’t predict individual behavior… We have to make societal differences and changes… attitudes are turning so much against the Second Amendment that the thing that we risk is that there will be a serious movement to not just create restrictions but to overturn the whole amendment. Now, by the way, your freedom of religion is protected by the First [Amendment]. If we begin to start to repeal the Bill of Rights, who knows where this whole thing goes.” Adam Kinzinger (R-IL)


Kinzinger, by the way, signed on to the Red Flag Laws. There’s a whole other bag of worms with those. This is the time when a good government can go bad, when the laws of freedom that have governed us for over 200 years are in jeopardy. It could easily lead to civil war to have everyone who owns a semi-automatic rifle instantly become a criminal. It’s what happens when people run on emotion rather than rational thought on the consequences of their actions.

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  • Ron Rader

    In order to remove the second amendment it has to go through the states and be ratified by I believe 38 of them to remove it . I may have the count wrong but I can’t see that many willing to start dismantling our only protection from becoming a dictatorship . If somehow it does get done then we’ll see the Country so many have died to protect dissiper in our lifetime . This would cause world wide repercussions that no one can foresee the extent of but it won’t be a rosy picture and could be responsible for the deaths of millions ! While some may see what I’ve just said as alarmist or delusional the fact is that our Country directly and indirectly protects the lives of millions of people around the world .

    • Sue Diederich

      To actually remove the Amendment you are correct. However, it is completely possible to render it totally ineffective. “shall not be infringed” went by the wayside prior to WWI. And they have been chipping away at it ever since.

      Red flag laws and the possibility of raising legal ownership age would render it useless. If someone has to wait until they are 21 to own a weapon – most people who would have been proud to will never “get around to it.” By the time people are in their 20’s their morals, values and even many desires have already been set. They will see no need until they are on the wrong end of one.

  • Jim

    US is already a dictatorship, the rights of the people are so infringed we have no access to excersise our rights, and liberties. How anyone can still believe this country hasn’t become a tyrannical totalitarian dictatorship, is a mystery to me. The definition of a Police State matches exactly, the surveillance, Government intrusion into every aspect of our lives, and openly, and illegally make laws, by pass due process, mandate law, in direct conflict with the US Constitution. Ignore the law, use the most nefarious corrupt,, and criminal means to strip the people of their legal rights, and are now trying to criminalize what an individual may do prior to any possible criminal activity. Pre-crime crimes. How would one go about proving one not guilty of a crime that hasn’t been committed ?
    That is, “The complete absence of evidence of a crime is itself evidence of a crime, before the crime is committed.
    Or, something…

  • Kenneth

    This shouldn’t even be a discussion the real criminals will have guns and we are supposed to do nothing to protect ourselves or our families screw you folks your right we will not be afraid of being American gun owners and criminals in the country that they will have guns just like the shooter in Canada they do care what laws are there they just do what they want and besides if we dont have our guns we will be vulnerable to attack from other countries the military can only do so much why dont you people understand that the Democrats want your guns to steal your freedoms

    • Sue Diederich

      Yup – I agree. I just don’t agree that “law-abiding” citizens will give them up. I think many of us would prefer to be criminals in that situation. I know I would!!

      The only thing more laws do is create more criminals.

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