Cincinnati Officer killed when man wanted to commit suicide by cop

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Madisonville, Cincinnati, Ohio – A 27 year decorated veteran of the Cincinnati police force was gunned down on Friday by Trepierre Hummons, 21, who was intent on committing “suicide by cop.” Both suspect and officer were taken to University of Cincinnati Medical Center where they succumbed to their wounds. Technically, Officer Kim wasn’t supposed to have to work that day- he chose to do so because the department was short-staffed.

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Officer Sonny Kim came to the United States from Korea in 1973, and was hired by the Cincinnati Police in 1988. He was a martial arts enthusiast who was well liked in the community, and had received 22 commendations during his career. He leaves behind a wife and 3 sons.

The Cincinnati Police Department is grieving the loss of their comrade after officers on scene tried “valiantly” to save him. He was shot multiple times in the chest – his body armor failed to save him.

Suicide by cop

The Daily Mail wrote

‘The suspect posted on Facebook just prior to the shooting and sent several text messages to friends indicating, or demonstrating, that he was planning suicide by cop,’ Blackwell said. ‘I love every last one of y’all to whoever has been in my life …. You’re the real mvp,’ Hummons posted before calling 911.

In the call the young man is heard speaking frantically about a ‘belligerent’ young man ‘in his early twenties’ with a gun in his waistband. He describes himself as short and when asked about the man’s race he replies ‘a black man, of course.’


Reports state that Hummons was experiencing problems with his girlfriend before this incident. His mother said that he was not behaving like himself. He did have a criminal record, one that had he been an adult at the time would have yielded a sentence of 10 years plus an additional 3…but as it was, he was a juvenile when placed on probation for an incident involving the theft of a car and cell phone at gun point.

His mother arrived at the scene of the incident and attempted to keep her son away from Officer Kim before he started firing. After shooting Kim,  Hummons wrested the officer’s gun away from him  as he lay dying, and began firing at a probation officer. A 3rd officer returned fire and shot Hummons.

Trepierre Hummons, 21 – police photo

As police and families grieve this loss from both sides, we are reminded that there are good and bad among us in every walk of life. In this instance, a man who wanted to die decided to take out a police officer who was well liked by his department and community. RIP Sonny Kim.

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