Cincinnati – man beaten to critical condition, Police attacked

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Police were deployed in riot gear to Fountain Square in Cincinnati, Ohio on the 4th of July, when reports came in of what local media called an “unruly crowd” at about 11 pm. What they found when they got there was a white man who had been beaten severely by a crowd of blacks. As they attempted to rescue him, the crowd turned on the cops, pelting them with various items and throwing fireworks at them, injuring several officers. 7 people were arrested.

The white man was down on the pavement- he had been beaten severely and was covered in blood. The frenzied crowd jeered at him, laughing and making fun of him as he lay on the street. You can see the video of his apparent injuries at this link (unless Facebook has removed it by now). YouTube has already taken it down as violating its rules for “shocking” content.” It is bloody and shows exactly how vicious the beat down became.


Police line up for their own protection along Fountain Square – Local12 photo

The man’s injuries included internal ones, but according to police he was released from the hospital late Sunday. Up until he was stabilized, he was listed in critical condition. Police believe it was his beating that prompted the call about an “unruly crowd.” It was more like a full on riot.


This man was brutally beaten by a mob of violent blacks

When police arrived in the square (where about a thousand people were gathered) and tried to intervene, the crowd turned on them and began throwing things like bottles at the officers. One officer was hit with a bottle, another was punched in the face, several received minor facial injuries, according to WCPO news. By 1 am Sunday, the situation had calmed down, and traffic through the area was restored.


This photo from Clash Daily shows two of the persons arrested, on the left is Jy Quynn Britten.

Thus far 7 people have been arrested, three of them juveniles. The man who allegedly punched the officer was Jy Quynn Britten, 21. At his first appearance on Monday morning, his defense attorney claimed it was a case of “mistaken identity” and he didn’t do it. The prosecution refuted that strongly:

“Your honor, he did punch a police officer, he did cause a laceration to the chin. After he did that, your honor, he then proceeded to run from the officers. He had to be tased… This was an absolute melee and the defendant made it worse.”

His bond was set at $51,000.

More arrests are possible as the investigation continues, according to police.

Media’s soft pedaling 

The mainstream news media is loathe to report on the black violence rampant in this nation. In this incident, media skirted the beating of the white man entirely. The crowd wasn’t just “unruly,” it was a riot situation. When you listen tot he video, you can see many laughing and acting as if the whole situation was hysterically funny to them. It was not funny- it was life-threatening.

Police are increasingly under attack, with society preferring to allow them to become the punching bags for violent black groups rather than find a way to stop the problem. The lawless nature of our current government is to blame- as long as people see that they can get away with these attacks, they will continue to do them. It is anarchy, and it is dangerous.

Until we FACE this problem head on, these vicious situations will only increase. The media is supremely guilty of soft pedaling the racial nature of these types of attacks. ‘Political correctness’ is NOT correct- it will bring more and more lawlessness and killings of both Police and citizens.

Not all members of the black community are vicious or killers- but the minority that love to do these things are dangerous to all of America. We must find a way of dealing with them before we end up in a civil war. And that, my friends, will not be pretty.


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