Cicero CCW Permit Holder Assists Police in Shootout

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Cicero, Illinois – The news media reported that a Cicero police officer, Luis Duarte, was shot four times during a shootout with a suspect. A citizen with a CCW permit saw what was transpiring and exited his vehicle to begin shooting at the suspect along with police. They also said the suspect used an “automatic weapon.” Not likely. But we’ll move on and just report the circumstances first.

Cicero is a suburb of Chicago. When Duarte and his partner attempted to pull over a vehicle for a traffic violation a little after 5 p.m. yesterday, the car took off. As it approached the on-ramp to I-55 and Chicago city limits, officers boxed in the vehicle. The suspect got out and started firing at police and attemped to flee. A legally-licensed citizen joined in the firefight.

“We were lucky enough to have a citizen on the street there’s who’s a concealed-carry holder, and he’s also engaged in gunfire.” Cicero police Superintendent Jerry Chlada Jr


“He got out and started helping the police, which is something I’ve got to be proud of…I want to applaud the citizen, a civilian, who risked his life to help in apprehending this armed suspect.” Cicero town President Larry Dominick

Officer Luis Duarte, 31, a four year veteran of the department, was hit once in the leg, once in the abdomen, and twice in the arm. He was transported to Mt Sinai Hospital. He underwent surgery and is recovering at the hospital.

The suspect was also hit, and transported to Stroger Hospital in serious condition. It is unclear at this time whose bullet struck him- police or citizen. The suspect’s weapon was recovered at the scene. The investigation into the officer’s use of force is ongoing.

The Chicago Sun-Times claims the weapon was an “automatic” firearm. Fox also said it was an “automatic” firearm. None of the other news media mentioned that designation. We’d bet  that they’re wrong on that, since private citizens are prohibited from owning “automatic” firearms.  If it really WAS an automatic weapon, the person who used it  is likely not your average street criminal. Solve the problem- let’s see a photo.

Here’s a couple of comments on the article:

Hammer Six, a Desert Storm veteran, wrote: “I want to know more about the “automatic weapon.” I’m betting my oak leaves, they got that part wrong.”

Putherinjail wrote: “The Gun Control nuts think that any weapon that can fire more than one round without reloading is an automatic weapon.”


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