Chuck Schumer Says FBI Should “Sign Off” on Body Armor

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Senator Chuck Schumer says that the FBI should”sign off” on whether someone can purchase body armor. He plans to introduce the legislation as soon as Congress returns from vacation in September. (Haven’t they already been on vacation and done nothing? Just asking.) He plans to exempt military and law enforcement, as well as “other public safety officials” according to the Washington Times.

The NY Post reported:

Under current laws bulletproof vests are legal to own in all 50 states, except for convicted criminals. They can also be purchased online or by phone everywhere but Connecticut, where the law requires that the purchases be made in person.

Federal law has prohibited convicted criminals from buying body armor since 2002, and violators can face up to three years in prison.

Anyone who commits a crime while wearing body armor can also face stiffer penalties under current federal law, and most states also make it illegal to wear it while committing a crime.

In New York it’s a felony punishable by up to four years if the culprit is wearing a bulletproof vest while carrying a firearm or committing a violent crime.

Chuck Schumer grandstanding? Why is this needed? Short answer: it’s not.

Having the FBI “sign off” for permission to buy something may mean a sort of “background check system” which may prove to be expensive to implement. There’s always NICS. Anything to add to the workload of the Feds. They love it. More paperwork is their thing.

From The Trace in 2015: “nearly 21 million criminal records are not accessible by NICS, and millions more are incomplete. Given this patchwork of rules and resources, in some cases, it’s nearly impossible for the Bureau to get a complete picture of who should be prohibited from buying a gun.”

The difficulty with any federal background checks for ANYTHING is the differences between computer systems, state and local laws, human errors, etc. The fact is, people slip through the cracks on a regular basis.

So now Chuck Schumer wants to have the FBI responsible to decide what people can buy. Great idea. Not. Oh and backpacks created to protect children from shootings have Kevlar panels in them. Are those going to require FBI “sign off” as well?

Both the shooter in Gilroy, California and Dayton, Ohio were wearing body armor, so of course the usual hysteria from Democrats says OMG WE HAVE TO BAN IT. Body armor doesn’t cause mass shootings. Bad people do.

“Why do you see value in keeping a shooter from using body armor but no value in people being able to shoot back?” @aburbatt on twitter

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