Chris Kyle – The Left’s Attempt to Discredit a Hero

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The “Intercept” published a story on May 25, stating the “records” show that Chris Kyle distorted his medals. Keep in mind that the Intercept is a left wing rag that regularly distorts information, and goes out of its way to discredit anything American.

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Citing an FOIA request, they claim that he only received one Silver Star and 3 Bronze Stars, not the 2 Silver Stars and 5 Bronze Stars that he publicly stated. The Navy says it’s investigating.

So let’s take their story and see how much truth is actually in it:

Here is part of what the Navy wrote back to the Intercept:


The FOIA request that was partially denied

The only thing their FOIA request gave them was a “releasable copy of available award citations.” Everything else was “excised.” For the liberal idiots out there, that means, the Navy took it all out. Any classified information, and information that put a family or other military personnel in jeopardy, they got rid of it.

The liberal purpose

It’s also interesting that now, AFTER his death, and AFTER his book came out, that an “anonymous” SEAL claims that it was a “well known fact” that Chris Kyle embellished his medals.

Kyle’s DD214 actually lists MORE medals than his book claims, according to several media outlets. His discharge papers show that he received 2 Silver Stars and 6 Bronze Stars.

All branches of the service engage in “secret” medal awards. SEALS and Special Forces operatives are often given awards without any public ceremony whatsoever when they are engaged in classified missions. We reported that situation previously. No fanfare. No pat on the back. Just new orders.


The purpose of the Intercept article was to divide Americans, cast doubts on our military, and DISTRACT from what is occurring in the news now.

Never mind that the VA Secretary compared veteran wait times to Disneyland. Never mind that Eleven states are suing Obama. Never mind that Trump received all the delegates he needs to become the nominee. Never mind that China has deployed nuclear submarines in the South China Sea. Just move on, nothing to see here.

Still a hero

Chris Kyle is still a hero, it doesn’t matter how much hardware was in the war chest. He had 160 CONFIRMED kills as a sniper.  He was not an assassin. He saved hundreds if not thousands of American lives. If we could, we’d send him more medals. He deserved every one of them.

This video reminds everyone about Chris Kyle’s true heroism and the agenda of the left. It’s from Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children’s Founder, “Tank” (Rick Ferran), a Marine Veteran. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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  • Sam Hunter, 1SG Ret.

    The Left is what happens when adults fail in their responsibilities.
    We, Viet Nam vets, tried to tell you this was happening. You ignored us, you laughted and called us Baby Killers… So pardon me if I don’t feel sorry for you. Now we are too old to fight anymore. YOUR TURN, fight like hell or become slaves. Ball’s in your court…

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